My First Days as a Bright-Eyed Intern at Independent Distribution Collective…as told by Ashley Lamp

22 Jun

A Journalist by degree and music enthusiast by passion, I decided to follow my heart and ears into the artist management industry.  After a bit of Googling the artist management and distribution industry, I found San Francisco’s Independent Distribution Collective.  (I was actually referred to them by a friend of theirs in the industry, Chameleon Music).

I said to myself, “Self, these guys sound extremely passionate about their work and their their independent distribution business model is right down my alley”. So, I sent an email out, crossed my fingers and after an intense, three-day long interview process (by intense, I mean a friendly, laid-back meeting with the guys and Luna, the office dog), they brought me on as an intern under Jerome Forney in the Digital Operations & Marketing Department.

Day One, IDC’s owner Steffen Franz demonstrated his A&R process, when he approved a group out of Jamaica who have been in the Reggae scene for more than 15 years.  We listened to their demo tracks and Steffen qualified them to be a fit for IDC.  Once the band was OK’ed the team immediately sent out a letter to the artist describing him next steps.

Stay tuned: later on in the blog, I will interview Steffen about his selection process.

Day Two, Durojaiye Versatile dropped by our office.  He was talking with us about his vision for his next EP.  Look out for his new style and collaborations coming your way soon!  He says he’s really changing things up the next go-around.

Day Three, Ben Lang had the other intern and myself learning the process of compiling Solicitation Kits to be sent to retailers they have built relationships with all over the U.S.  Every day I have been able to roll up my sleeves and take part of the quick, ever-evolving world of independent music distribution.

Enough about me…  As you follow our blog, we will keep you updated on independent distribution trends, latest music happenings, and you will even get a behind-the-scenes view into the genius that is Independent Distribution Collective.


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