IDC is Proud to Announce Fely Tchaco’s Win for the Independent Music Awards in the World Beat Song Category!

Tchaco was awarded first place for her nominated song “Goba,” which can be found on her newly released CD “Maturite.” In an interview found in the Independent Music Awards website, Tchaco reflects on the song and states, “… ‘Goba’ comes from a forest rhythm music and dance from the Central West part of the Ivory Coast of the Guro tribe. The style can be called Gahou or Zahouli. Zahouli dance was originally invented by a woman, it denotes beauty, grace and challenge. It is normally played acoustically, but I modernized it and added Guitar, Bass and Synths.”

You can read the entire interview and learn more about her award here:

Listen to Fely Tchaco’s “America Land of Hope”

Fely Tchaco records with a band that is composed of outstanding master musicians assembled from across America and around the world. They create a cocktail of world fusion that truly translates her musical style, yet stays true to her traditional African roots.

You can catch Tchaco performing live at Amoeba Berkeley for the 9th annual Berkeley World Music Festival on Saturday June 2  ( 

Fely Tchaco

Check out more from Fely Tchaco @

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