Cutty Ranks Album “Full Blast” Released On July 10th 2012 Featured on the Front Page of iTunes US on the release date!



July 11, 2012

Jamaican Reggae powerhouse artist, Cutty Ranks, comes Full Blast with the US release of his new full-length album Full Blast on July 10th, 2012 on his own Philip Music Label in partnership with Independent Distribution Collective. The album has already received many media accolades for both the EP that was released in May 2012, and for both his new music videos, Full Blast and In My Place, which have been featured on Television in Jamaica, and on many well trafficked reggae music websites.  The album also garnered the highest visibility placement on the world’s largest music retailer, iTunes USA’s coveted front page. It is very rare for an independent artist to receive this type of exposure, and the fact that Reggae releases rarely get this premiere placement, make this even more exciting. Clearly there are some true reggae fans at Apple. The highly respected veteran artist gives a gritty take on the reality of living in the urban streets of Jamaica on the title song with accompanying video “Full Blast” with Cutty bringing a strong message of non-violence and justice.

Featured artists on the album in collaboration with Cutty include top Reggae names in the business including a pair of Grammy-nominated Jamaican superstars: Beres Hammond with their sweet pairing on “Way To Go,” Luciano “Long Life,” and a combination with the late veteran female American R&B vocalist Gwen Guthrie (of “Ain’t Nuttin Going On But The Rent” fame) on “My Girl” showing a softer side of the artist.

Other tracks on Full Blast include the lover’s rock track “In My Place” with up and coming singer Hyh Volume plus the high-energy dance infused “Take It Away.” These three tracks are a sample of this evolved artist’s journey in music and completion of Cutty Ranks first full album in a decade. An extensive schedule of live performances is set in North America, Europe, Japan, and the Caribbean to support this new release.

Over his storied career, Cutty Ranks got his start in the mid-1980s at the famed Techniques and Penthouse labels where he dropped hits such as “Press the Trigger” and collaborated with other gifted artists including Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths and Wayne Wonder. He then released his greatest hit single, “The Stopper”(off the album of the same name), on the UK based Fashion label. The Stopper album became a certified gold selling record, and was picked up by Profile Records. He also released his classic hit singles such as “Limb by Limb” and “The Return” and “A Who Sey Mi Dun.” Cutty also produced his first album, Six Million Ways to Die, which got him signed to Priority Records, after which he went on to form his own label, Philip Music. In 2000, he released the album Back With A Vengeance produced by King Jammy that saw Cutty Ranks venture into other musical styles, including hip-hop and dancehall.


PR/Radio Contact: Russell Gerlach FOUNDATION ARTISTS / MEDIA

Phone: (562) 948-3008 


Independent Distribution Collective

Physical Distribution Contact:

Digital Distribution Contact: Jerome Forney ph. 415 292-7007 

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