IDC Presents Our Round 49 “Winter” Solicitation

7 CD Releases featuring some great artists and bands spanning Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock, Electronic, and a brand new DVD from the US DMC Championships just in time for the San Francisco Forty Niners to play in their 6th Super Bowl…


For Immediate Release: January 22, 2013


Independent Distribution Collective presents our 49th Solicitation just in time for first quarter placement (our first of this year). We are excited about many of these new releases and are very proud to have a handful of great artists joining IDC. Check out the overview of our new titles below, and feel free to visit our website anytime for more information on any of these artists or releases. IDC proudly welcomes these 8 new titles:


Judgement Day – Polar Shift – CD


For Judgement Day, the only way to think is outside the box. On its third full-length album, Polar Shift, the Oakland trio deconstructs and reconstructs heavy rock with nothing more than violin, cello, and drums. Over the course of 14 original tracks, the group—Anton Patzner (violin), Lewis Patzner (cello), and Jon Bush (drums)—conjures a massive sound via classical instruments. In 2002, brothers Anton and Lewis founded Judgement Day. With Bush in the fold a year later, the group started to amass a fervent underground following. They gigged everywhere from Northern California streets and basements to local haunts and clubs.

Incite – All Out War – CD


Richie Cavalera [vocals], Gene Macazan [guitar], Luis Marrufo [bass], and Zak [drums]—upped the ante tenfold this time around, honing their patented sound into a tremendously tighter and tougher monster. Featuring production by Logan Mader [Gojira, DevilDriver, Five Finger Death Punch], the record explodes right out of the gate with vicious riffing, intricate leads, and unforgettable hooks. Incite will be touring all over the US to support this release.


Wisdom – Full Spectrum – CD


With a message and commitment of universal love and compassion, through grace, gratitude and present moment awareness, Wisdom has manifested his third full-length album “Full Spectrum” which will be released March 5th, 2013. The first promo single from “Full Spectrum” titled “Never Give In” is already catching on as an anthem in these times of struggle and suffering for so many on the planet. In the summer of 2012 Wisdom reached the Top Ten on the Jamaican music charts with his single “This Is Life” featuring one of Jamaica’s most well known conscious voices, Sizzla Kalonji and is also featured on “Full Spectrum” This new album also features Grammy winner Michael Rose (singer from legendary reggae group Black Uhuru) and Dakini Star from Goddess Alchemy Project and Medicine Drum. A music video for the next single “Lyricism” will accompany the album’s release.

Touré – Touré’s Theory CD


Brand new full-length album from Hieroglyphics DJ and Beatsmith featuring exclusive tracks from E-40, Too Short, Del, Casual, B-Legit, Mista Fab, Canibus, and Goapele. Street Date: February 19th 2013. With his production company, 101% Music, Touré has singlehandedly acted as an incubator for new talent in the Bay. As a live act, DJ Touré has traveled the Americas, Canada and internationally to Japan as a DJ and member of Hieroglyphics and rocked stages alongside the X-Ecutioners, Mos Def, Wu-Tang, Nas, Common, Talib Kweli and countless others.


Vokab Kompany – VKCE – CD


Vokab Kompany are two MC/singers from San Diego, California. Their new album, VKCE, a collaboration effort with up and coming production/musician duo Crush Effect, has been critically acclaimed and filled a void at the intersection of the hip-hop and EDM worlds. ‘VKCE’ is Hip-hop, it’s electronic, it’s indie – it’s a shout out to the past, and a taste of the future. Vokab Kompany’s Matt Burke describes the experience: “As musicians, it’s an ever evolving world; genres are a thing of the past, so we (VK) were really lucky to have teamed up with producers that pushed the boundaries of our boxes. We got outside our comfort zone, stamped a VK next to CE, and the result was something new entirely.”


Mark Wonder – Working Wonders – CD


Mark Wonder, born Mark Thompson in Kingston, Jamaica – for months now have been teasing the fans with the single “Guiding Light”- feat. Sizzla – produced by Altafaan and Oneness records. This song has gained so much attention, that fans worldwide have been inquiring as to when the CD will be released. Wait no longer. This highly anticipated sixth works titled Mark Wonder‘s Working Wonders’ produced by – Bavarian production house – Oneness records. This album features Sizzla, Natural Black and Mikey Melody. Solid arrangements and smooth vocals are found in each song brand, Mark has the ability to sing a song and honestly own it. Through this work it makes you know for sure “jah’s work is so amazing”.


The 2012 DMC USA Finals – DVD


DMC USA DJ Battles are the longest running, most legendary, most prestigious DJ battles in the USA! The 2012 DMC US Finals was one of the best to date with prizes and promise enough to even lure long retired champions back to the battleground. We saw so many talented turntablists battling in DMC for the first time! More cities hosted a DMC regional battle, including San Francisco, Seattle, Hartford and Phoenix, making it possible for DMC to have only 1st place champions in this year’s US Finals, with no special invites to runners up! DMC is reinvigorating the DJ battle and turntablist scenes in the USA and 2012 was a phenomenal year!


Aoede – Is Love A Fairy Tale? – CD


Is Love A Fairy Tale? plays like an audiobook, complete with narration. It tells the story of Aoede the Muse who goes searching for love in a magical kingdom called Wonderhaven and meets colorful characters along the way. It features songs from Aoede’s April 2012 release Skeletons of the Muse, along with four new original tracks, theatrical duets between Aoede and the characters. Love is an ongoing theme that permeates Aoede’s songs. As evident by the CD cover, it is the heart of Is Love A Fairy Tale? and is prominent on Affair With the Muse (2011) and Skeletons of the Muse (2012), such as her single and music video for Fairy Tale Love. So many parents, when hearing Skeletons of the Muse, have remarked that their own kids that age and even younger really enjoy my voice and songs.”