Who is Badi Assad? Short Documentary Video Describes the Making of “Between Love and Luck,” Recorded in Brazil Prior to the Album’s Release in the US on May 14th, 2013

Badi Assad Talks About ‘The Making of Between Love and Luck’

This short documentary video describes the making of “Between Love and Luck” recorded in Brazil prior to the album’s release in the US (May 14th).  The piece is overdubbed in English and features some of the members of the production team including studio and behind the scenes footage of the making of the album.

The 11th album of the singer-songwriter and guitar player Badi Assad tells us about the everyday work with so many of life’s tasks – and trying to find the balances we all strive for in reconciling the pleasures of a creative life, blending with the personal one.

 “When I wrote this song I was just starting to experience this new reality: In addition of being an artist, I started to manage my own career, I’m a wife and as well a mother for the first time. Surprisingly, I found that although this phase is a proof of my workaholic mania, I discovered that my daughter, Sofia, delightfully softens all this process” says Badi, about the motivation for her music and consequently the process of creating this video.

In it, in a very modern tale – Badi plays the artist, mother, housewife and entrepreneur. All these facets are simultaneously living with intensity. Everything accelerated, amalgamated, but wrapped by the joy of living. Beside her, on the scene, also her husband Dimitri and her daughter Sofia are part of the inspiration for her ‘Between Love and Luck’:

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