Jessi Teich Grabs Another Review From Across The Atlantic

“Twisted Soul” continues to get excellent vibes from Europe, this time coming from

Here’s the full article:
Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.02.42 AM
Twisted Soul
Madame FreakThere’s always a new jazz / pop crossover artist on the horizon, and most of them really aren’t worth crossing the road for, so when a real talent comes along, it really is a treat. And so it is with Jessi Teich (pronounced Teach) who actually manages to pull off the mix of the modern and the old. Well played, Ms Teich.It’s actually quite strange to realise that bar two covers, one from Tom Waits and one from Justin Timberlake (yes, really), that these aren’t old songs rediscovered. Each stands alone, even though there is a personal storyline running through the album, one that she relates in the liner notes.

The Philadelphia native recorded this live in Paris, and it has that spontaneous feel that only rigourous rehearsal leads to. The band are great (the Thierry Maillard Trio and accordionist Laurent Derache) but its her memorable voice that is the star of the show on great songs such as ‘Carnival’, ‘Ruins’ and the Justin Timberlake cover, ‘Cry Me A River’. An outstanding release.

Also, you can preorder the album at

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