Review For The Shams Out Of Belgium

No surprise that even the Belgians are into Irish rockers The Shams. Music site RootsTime laid out a nice review for the band’s EP “One and All”.

Here is the translated review:

“‘The Shams’ is an alternative rock band from San Francisco, California, which in 2011 saw the light after lead singer Sean Daly, guitarist Joe Kennedy, lead guitarist Henry Moser, bassist Tommy O’Mahony and drummer and songwriter James Scragg had decided hands to store and to seek their success in the world of music together.

With the EP “One And All” join them for the first time with a record out. Six songs were put together for this release, after the band had managed to collect through the fundraising website ‘Kickstarter’ the necessary financing funds.

The sound of “The Shams” was clearly influenced by British and especially Irish rock formations such as The Pogues, “” The Cure and The Smiths’ and the reasons can be found in the fact that Joey Kennedy, Sean Daly and James Scragg all three from Ireland tribes. It is therefore mostly heard on the ‘Gaelic’-pronunciation of the English language by lead singer Sean Daly. The two other band members indeed have Irish roots from a previous generation.

There is a clear ‘speed’ in four of the six songs on “One And All”: opener “Sunset Paddy’s” boozer songs “Go On Homeboys” and “Drinks Are On Me” and punk-rock song “Sick To Death” at the end of the CD. An exception is the beautiful rock ballad “Not Bothered” and the album title track “One And All” (see video) as from the repertoire of The Pogues’ seems to have been picked, although or sung by Shane MacGowan clone or still has all his teeth.

This ep seems ideal to listen to a hearty crate of beer at the ready. You better find that everything goes much better sound and will invite them to sing irresistible as the empty bottles to be getting. Still here bear on the Irish accent. Cheers!


shams front cover final

Don’t forget to purchase the EP on iTunes here:

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