Great new review for Bekah Barnett’s “RISE” from Rootstime! Review (Translated) 9/3/15


Three years ago we first heard of singer and song writer Bekah Barnett following the release of her debut album “Find Shelter Lord,” an album that its multiple positive critiques and reviews has resulted in the trade press. An appropriate ‘quote’ for the narrative and often emotional songs Bekah Barnett was definitely ‘Tori Amos Meets Leonard Cohen.

The bar of expectations was therefore quite high for the work that this young talented and musically trained pianist from Oakland, California would create a next record. That second CD now come under the title of “Rise” with thirteen new songs that they wrote themselves or which have come about after a partnership with co-composers.

The song “Fame & Fortune” (see video) on “Rise” state, she wrote in 2014 to take part in the auditions of ‘America’s Got Talent’, where she admittedly not go through, but what her a nudge in back anxious to compose songs even more intensively for this second album.

Bekah Barnett especially singing piano ballads on this album with peaks “Rhyme or Reason”, the emotive “Every Road”, the acoustic piano songs “Fly” and “Beautiful Girls”. Then there are the rhythmic songs “Get Outta Park” and “Butter Your Toast”, our favorite track from “Rise” and the song they could play live in the Oakland City Hall to celebrate the first marriages between homosexuals in California. At first glance seem the songs “I Do not Believe In Love” and “Love Will Come Back” contradictory, but upon closer listening what it turns out that they are both an ode to love.

Bekah Barnett’s voice resembles that of singers Natalie Merchant (formerly ‘10.000 Maniacs’) and that of Carly Simon, a musician who, like they always sit behind the piano to sing her songs. For the mostly sparse and austere instrumentation at these numbers signed album producer and multi-instrumentalist Julie Wolf, while Todd Sickafoose plays bass, Hans Teuber gives blazers and Allison Miller on drums and percussion and percussion for her account.


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