MalLabel Music hits 100th Release, with Free EP to Celebrate!

MalLabel Music is already at their 100th release, which came out Friday, August 28th 2015. Since it is a momentous occasion, they are releasing an ALL ORIGINAL 20 track EP for FREE featuring MalLabel artists Chase Manhattan, Chompa , Dj Puzzle, Paradigm Theorem, Keese, SuDs, El Diablo Bass , Orkidz, EGIA, BedroomTrax, Art Of Fact, Blaze Luminous, MPC, Raquel Divar x ProJect Aspect, Smash & Grab, Caidance, Muppet Punk, Kermode, Provider, & Purple Elves. Some fresh new beats to get you going on your trip to the Playa.

Mal 100