Check out Z-Man on the Slap Frost Tour 2015




*11/27 Back Bar Sofa- San Jose, CAx
*11/28 The Lexington-Los Angeles, CAx
*11/29 Rogue Bar-Scottsdale, AZ
*11/30 The Scratch Shack-Tucson, AZ
*12/01 Mesa Music Hall-El Paso, TX
*12/02 Burts tiki lounge-Albuquerque, NM
*12/03 Taos Mesa Brewing-Taos, NM
*12/04 Phil’s Bar & Music Venue-Pueblo, CO
*12/05 Lost Lake-Denver, Co
*12/06 The Cabin-Park City, UT
*12/08 Zebra Cocktail Lounge-Bozeman, MT
*12/09 The Sickhouse-Idaho Falls, ID
*12/10 Neurolux-Boise, ID
*12/11 Hawthorne Lounge-Portland, OR
*12/13 Columbia city theatre -Seattle, Washington
*12/16 Cooper’s-Nevada City, CA
*12/17 PB&J’s-Reno, NV
*12/18 Leo’s-Oakland, CA
*12/19 755 After Dark, Sebastopol, CA

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