New Singles from Razteria, ‘Aventurera’ and ‘Change,’ hit radio as #1 most added with 14 official New World adds!

5 Feb

Tracks from Razteria’s new album “Aventurera” have hit radio and this week as #1 most added with 14 official New World adds!

Adds were reported by the following stations: KZSC Santa Cruz, CA, KTUH Honolulu, HI, KHSU Arcata, CA, KFAI Minneapolis, MN and WRSU New Brunswick, NJ, KWCW Walla Walla, WA, KAOS Olympia, WA, KRKQ Ouray, CO, WCSF Joliet, IL, Ohio.FM Columbus, OH, KEUL Gridwood, AK, KAFM Grand Junction, CO, KDUR Durango, CO, and M3 Brooklyn, NY, KBUT Crested Butte, CO, WIUX Bloomington, IN, KXUA Fayetteville, AR, and WLTL LaGrange, IL, KALX Berkeley, CA (“Aventurera”, “Change”), WRUR Rochester, NY, WGMU Fairfax, VA, KWCR Ogden, UT, KAOS Olympia, WA, while early world chart action came from KVNF Paonia, CO #9, and top 30 airplay chart action came from WRNC Ashland, WI #20 and Radio Phoenix, AZ #22.

Copy of Aventurera_Single_Design



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