Rocker-T “The Return of the Tru Ganjaman” Review at Improvijazzation Nation


Rocker-T – RETURN OF THE TRU GANJAMAN:  If yer’ wonderin’ where he’s been, it’s definitely off in Reggae-land; lots of original tuneage here, with plenty of Ganja fueling it (I’ve no doubt).  He has a whole host of names unfamiliar to me, but famous in the circle.  Tunes like “Need Some” (featuring Gappy Ranks) will have you swingin’ & swayin’ with th’ best of ’em, mon!  Loved the rhythm on “Herbalist“, which features Mama-T… if you’re not up & dancin’ in seconds, you’re already one o’ th’ zombies – ultra-strong drums & percussion backing Mama up here, too.  You even get a president on “Blazing Everyday” (Prezident Brown), doing some very rhythmic rants about some weed that just won’t quit.  Of the sixteen pieces offered up, though, it was “Chillum” (with Skip Wicked) that came across with the most power for what’s being presented here… primary note for Rocker-T’s music, though… be SURE you’ve got your headphones on at full blast, & leave plenty of room ’round you for dancing!  I give this one a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98.  Get more information at the Rocker-T website.        Rotcod Zzaj



Saturday in the Park-McLaren Announces 4th Season on August 20


The 1st of 6 FREE 2016 Saturday in the Park – McLaren outdoor music concerts in the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater kicks-off the 4th-year season on Saturday, August 20th with a 3-hour music festival of Latin Jazz.

The show features legendry percussionist Louie Romero y Mazacote offering dancer-friendly blends of Salsa, Cha-Cha, Timba, Cuban Guajira and Puerto Rican Bomba. Mazacote will play 2 sets with an hour of world music with guest artist Alfonso Lopez performing songs from around the globe. The music starts at 1:00PM for 3 hours of non-stop music & dancing.

The 2016 Festival continues August 27th, September 10th, and three October concerts on October 8th, 15th and 22nd.

For more information, check out the event page here.

Help Us Put on the Show – Volunteers Needed

The success of Saturday in the Park depends on its many volunteers.  There are a number of jobs to do and easy ways to get involved. We need people to be “day of the event” volunteer docents, working on 2 hour shifts as well as before and after the show production jobs.

Anyone interested in volunteering please contact 415- 413-7501 or email or

Our mailing address is:

Saturday in the Park – McLaren

c/o San Francisco Parks Alliance
1663 Mission Street, Suite 320

San Francisco, CA 94103

Reviews roundup – The Neal Morse Band vs. Blue Moon Marquee vs. Pete Kronowitt vs. Divan vs. Alicesweet Alice

Nice review for Independent Distribution Collective​ artist Pete Kronowitt​ on the Rocker UK

The Rocker

Reviews roundup – The Neal Morse Band vs. Blue Moon Marquee vs. Pete Kronowitt vs. Divan vs. Alicesweet Alice

817ampn8hcl-_sl1200_THE NEAL MORSE BAND
Alive Again
Metal Blade Records

It’s the way of the world nowadays. Album, tour, live album of tour of album.  And so it is with the Neal Morse Band, and their tour promoting the 2015 album ‘The Grand Experiment’.

He’s released plenty of live material over the years, so it’s no surprise that he seems to have run out of ideas for titles, even if it is a song of the last album.  Thankfully, he never seems to have run out of musical ideas, and in the company of Mike Portnoy, Eric Gillette, Bill Hubauer and Randy George, this makes for a tremendous release.

The show was recorded in front of a thousand Dutch fans, and as his wont, the live show really does concentrate on bringing…

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Pete Kronowitt featured on CleveScene for Justice Concert and Benefit at Agora

“Organized by Stand Together Against Trump, Singing for Justice Meetup Group and local and national musicians, the Standing Together for Justice Concert and Benefit, aims to provide a “night of peaceful protests songs calling for a stand against racism, sexism, and xenophobia.”

San Francisco-based artist Pete Kronowitt will perform as will local artists such Brendan O’Malley, Swap Meet and Matt Harmon. ”

Tickets are $20.

Narada Michael Walden recently honored by Billboard Magazine as one of the “Top 10” Music Producers of All Time

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.07.16 PM

Exclusive in-depth interview with master musician Narada Michael Walden, on NYC Media.
Full interview here.

Standing Together for Justice Concert and Benefit: A Night of Peaceful Protest Music and the Album Release of Pete Kronowitt’s A Lone Voice

stand for justice poster draft2.jpg

Monday, July 18, 2016

8:00pm until 1:00am


The Agora Theatre & Ballroom 

5000 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44103


Tickets $20


On Monday, July 18, the Standing Together for Justice Concert and Benefit, a night of peaceful protests songs calling for a stand against racism, sexism, and xenophobia, will be held during the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland, OH at the Agora Theatre and Ballroom.


Standing Together for Justice Concert and Benefit  is organized by Stand Together Against Trump, Singing for Justice Meetup Group, and local and national musicians.  San Francisco-based artist Pete Kronowitt, who is releasing his critically acclaimed new album A Lone Voice, will be joined by bassist John David Coppola. Standing Together will also feature performances by popular Cleveland bands including Brendan O’Malley with Small Batch, Swap Meet, Matt Harmon, and Allison Beyer from Chicago. Concert proceeds will support Cleveland-based charities St. Paul’s Church and the Thea Bowman Center.


Against the backdrop the RNC’s scheduled events, Standing Together’s musicians will be playing for the thousands of protesters who will be drawn to Cleveland. Standing Together performances will mirror the voices of the groups who will be protesting, singing to highlight what Americans have in common, while rejecting those issues manufactured to divide us. Standing Together will give voice to those who demand common sense solutions from our political leaders.



Ticket Link:


Pete Kronowitt: San Francisco-based singer/songwriter releasing his fourth full-length album, A Lone Voice, during the Republican National Convention.

Brendan O’Malley (of Honeybucket and the Gage Brothers) has a new Cleveland-based band, Small Batch.

Swap Meet: Northeast Ohio band with original acoustic music from the heart and for your soul.  

Matt Harmon: Cleveland based songwriter matches clever lyrics with crisp acoustic guitar playing.

Allison Beyer: Chicago-based singer-songwriter has poetic, spiritual music with soulful folk, country, and blues/jazz influences.

Singing for Justice Meetup Group: thisColumbus-based choir will bring a spirit of hope for those who fight for social justice.



St. Paul’s provides services for people who are living on the edge with meals, outreach, limited medical services and emergency assistance.

The Thea Bowman Center is a community-based organization that fed 7000 people in need last year, and provides adult education, like GED prep, and a safe place for youth, among other services.

Stand Together Against Trump (STAT) is a grassroots group organized to promote a positive, inclusive vision of our country to counter Donald Trump’s exclusive and hateful vision during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.


Ticket Link:


Facebook Event:

Razteria “Aventurera” Review at (translation)

RAZTERIA –Aventurera

Razteria  (aka Rene Asteria) can perfectly be described as a fusion between the beginning of No DoubtSteel PulseLos Aterciopelados and Marisa MonteAventurera is her fifth original album, released on her own Asteria Records. A disc that portrays the adventures of each of us, looking beyond the known, touching the unknown and challenging ourselves. This is the concept behind this collection of 12 tracks. Very present, as usual, it is the multicultural component. Incidentally, Razteria was born in the US, daughter of Bolivian and Dutch having grown up in France. For that alone, this already justifies this multicultural approach that turns out to be reflected when quanta in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese (this record our language is not used). An adventurous journey of music without imposing limits ranging from Latin rhythms to reggae with strong messages. In Aventurera , Razteria uses the talents of a number of musicians from the San Francisco scene which includesSang MatizRahman JamaalCarolyn SmithChatterboxSenecaWaddell Bell and Lou Neuburger, (bass and drums, Fyah Squad Band), Raliegh Neal (keyboards, Michael Franti and Spearhead), Jaime Arredondo (drums, Don Carlos ), Joe Newton (drums), Anthony Ant (trumpet), Dave Eagle (percussion) and Luke Thomas (guitars).

814519021407 Review: Pete Kronowitt “A Lone Voice”



PETE KRONOWITT/A Lone Voice: Long before Bruce Springsteen discovered Pete Seeger, it seemed like he might be the new voice of the populist. Didn’t happen, but Kronowitt seems to have picked up the ball and run with it. A protest, folk/rock singer in the classic 60s mode, his songs are a wake up call to an apathetic world that doesn’t realize how the sand is shifting under it’s feet. Without a strident lick in any of the lyrics, this diverse collection is one of the few that can send a message without hitting you over the head with it—and keeps rocking throughout. Certainly out of the ordinary for these times, it’s loaded with truths that need to be heard. Check it out.