C.C. – In The Moment review on Improvijazzation Nation

Check out Improvijazzation Nation’s review of Cornell Carter’s In The Moment below:


C.C. (aka Cornell Carter) takes you on a retro-soul trip, to be sure!  I can’t help but think of The Temptations (who he played with back in the day), O.J.’s & a whole bunch of other groups we used to groove on back in the day as I listen to the opener, “Beautiful“; pretty easy to dance to as well!  The down-home funkiness of “My Folks“, and the beats Cornell gets going on this one will definitely have you finding a corner to shake your hips in – reminds me of “A Family Reunion”, no doubt.  You get a total of thirteen songs to snap your fingers to & reminisce about… & that’s especially true on pieces like my personal favorite on the album, the 7:32 closer, “Zoom“… he’s got brass, beats & that general soul thang DOW-un, folks on this cover of The Commodores!  I give C.C. a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.96.

Get more information at C.C.’s Bandcamp page for this release

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