Exclusive Magazine Review: J French “Jaguar Jesus”

28 Nov

Jaguar Jesus Cover.jpg

If you have not thus far heard of musician J French, once this album comes out, the songs hit the radio, you’re gonna want to know a whole lot more about him, trust me.

The son of Grammy-winning reggae percussionist and vocalist Brother Num (Burning Spear), Jamal French aka J French is an accomplished rapper, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Oklahoma City.

Having been a rapper since he was 12 years old, over the subsequent years J French has been quietly composing his rhymes and creating his lyrics to bring forth to an adoring public. For those that know him love him, and those that don’t know of hm (myself included) find a core within his music that we can all too easily relate to.

J French, who also plays cornet, piano and drums, has worked with several rappers in the Oklahoma-Texas scene over the years, but it was his childhood time, split between his Harlem-based father and his mother’s home in Edmond, OK, where he really began soaking up the musical spoils that both the East Coast and the Midwest had to offer.

He has just released a new EP entitled Too A.M. this past April 2016 and now come December 9th, 2016 via IV League Entertainment, his will be bringing out his high anticipated debut album, Jaguar Jesus.

1. X-Ray Vision (03:29) 2. Electric Paris (03:34) 3. Unsatisfied II (03:49) 4. Ultra Bass (03:16) 5. White Chocolate Droppa Interlude (00:20) 6. Check (02:53) 7. Reign (03:49) 8. Dallas (02:44) 9. Sure (03:20) 10. Up There (02:35) 11. Such an Art (03:20) 12. Clouds (03:39)

The album is smooth, it’s structured, it’s chock full of hipsway and technique. The lead single ‘Dallas’ is a gem all unto itself, the storytelling within it, well, you just know it’s obviously something that J French experienced himself. J French knows this music, raps perfectly to every rhyme and rhythm like it’s a second language to him.

He may well have been in trouble for a while back in the day, but nothing from his negative past ever makes it through to his lyrics, to his music. J French knows where he need to go from here. He’s always trying to climb, to make the next best move for him. This album, for now, is that move.




“Dallas” – Official Music Video

To Pre-Order the album on iTunes visit:


For Live Performance Bookings and Management please contact IV League Entertainment:



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