Exclusive Magazine Review: Jordan Hurwitz “LOVESICK.”




For those not in the know, at least for right now, Jordan Hurwitz is a singer/songwriter. At age 16, she came out with her first album on iTunes called Infinity. At the age of 17, she released her second album on iTunes called The New Me. At the age of 18, she released her third album called Here I’ll Stand, produced by Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, et al) at his very own Tarpan Studios.

Now aged 19, and Jordan is preparing to release a new 6-track album, again with Narada. Entitled Lovesick, it will be released via Tarpen Studios on December 9th, 2016.

Each song here in this set of six focuses on emotions and experiences that Hurwitz has herself enduring this past year. Never one to shy away from how real life can twist and turn your emotions like their on one crazy rollercoaster of a ride, her level of lyrical depth is both commendable and exciting.

Whether it be a story of heartbreak within ‘Obilterate My Heart’ (a duet with Tarpan artist Cornell “C.C.” Carter), or the stunning title track, ‘Lovesick’, each song begins with a statement, flirts with optimism, and breaks through with boundless resolution.

In truth, no matter if it’s the tongue in cheek pop song ‘I Love Your Abs’, the poignant ballad ‘Power’, the stoic Blues-feel of ‘Riverbank’ or even ‘Hurricane’, this new album is as good as anything Narada has been involved with, in my opinion. I mean, just ‘Lovesick’ alone, with its Latin beats, engaging hipsway rhythm might just be as close to a genuine Top 10 radio hit as Hurwitz has ever been – and deservedly so, trust me.



For Music Samples or to pre-order LOVESICK. visit:





Jordan @ Twitter!

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