Tune In: Singer/Songwriter Karney to be featured on Blog Talk Radio December 10th


Karney is a San Francisco-based singer/songwriter that has been
making great music for many years, performing across the US and
collaborating with many talented and notable artists. Keeping her
mind on social justice and positive messages, her lyrical content
offers a sardonic and sometimes straight forward approach to many of
the issues facing people today, with a message of hope resonating
throughout every song she writes. Karney is digitally releasing a
handful of new songs between August and the end of 2016 in support of
her upcoming full-length album Renditions,
due out in early 2017.

Tune In Here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/diannabellerose/2016/12/10/empowering-and-inspiring-women-globally-restless-wind-w-same-song

Visit iTunes to order or check out Karney’s entire catalog: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/restless-wind-w-same-song/id1174636537

Check out Karney’s website for more information and touring schedule: http://karney.org/music/

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