Music Street Journal Review: Jordan Hurwitz “LOVESICK.”


Track by Track Review

I Love Your Abs

Starting on piano, there is a lot of jazz built into this piece. It’s bouncing and effective. The vocal performance is strong. It’s a cool tune.


More of a classic pop music sound, with a bit of soul, makes up this number. This is such a strong and evocative piece of music.


I’d probably consider this piece to be jazz-filled pop music. That said, this slow piece is based on a lot of blues. As always Hurwitz’ vocal delivery is top-notch and really sells the cut.

Obliterate My Heart

This cut has a duet with Hurwitz and Cornell Carter. The song is a classy pop tune. This doesn’t break any borders, but it just excels in terms of quality and evocative vibe.


Another pretty cut, this has a lot of emotion and beauty built into it.


The title track is more of a modern pop sounding thing. It’s classy for sure. It gets more of an energized kind of dance vibe to it in some of the later parts of the tune. This one feels a bit overproduced to me, but not enough to be annoying.


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MusikReviews Ray Vaughn Review: “Wounded Bird”

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Grown-up punkrocks, or at least those who are portraying themselves in this way, are nowadays like sand at sea, since the first generation change within the scene has long since taken place. RAY VAUGHN one more likely to be forgotten cult figures of the movement and did within the Californian art rock scene as a founding member of HOSTAGES apparent that brought into existence from the late 1970s a few forgotten but quite groundbreaking works.

At the moment, the bard is acting in the classical rock scene, as he already showed “Way Down Low” three years ago. Vaughn feels quite comfortable here, and you can listen to the new tracks. ” Wounded Bird ” as the predecessor of star producer Michael Rosen refined sound and appear to independently – Kudos – which was resorted to prestigious Underground helper, namely James DePrato and Kevin T White (Chuck Prophet) and drummer Prairie Prince of THE TUBES respectively the backing band of Todd Rundgren.

The material on ” Wounded Bird ” does not live by Vaughn’s swashbuckling outlaw voice but also of stylistic variety. The label “Americana” can be glued roughly, with which everything and nothing would be said; The forward-looking title does not conceal the fact that the artist is concerned with content, and this automatically leads to singer-songwriter compositions (‘Change In Latitudes’), where the lyrics are focal. The arrangement of the album as a decided rock work, however, does not stop this.

You see yourself as a listener a bit split, because basically, the mainly not too loudly amplified tracks respect us. To mention would be the longest song in the forefront of the swinging swarmers ‘Song For You’, but also with ‘Rain’. Here one clings to every further word Vaughns, which one would have liked more often if the disk had run out, because …

CONCLUSION: … here we are dealing with an autarchic and authentic musician, whose outward inner life has been musically perfectly framed, where he fills quieter sounds. The rest of ” Wounded Bird ” is then “only” good Classic Rock American-style. [ Album at Amazon ]

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Music Street Journal Review: Ray Vaughn “Wounded Bird”

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Track by Track Review

Human Calculator

Bluesy rock with a bit of a punk sneer, this is cool stuff. It a little on the raw side, but it’s also fun.

Wounded Bird

This is even more pure punk rock. It’s a high energy tune. The guitar solo has some of that old school rock and roll. Beyond that, though, it’s pure punk.

True Faith

There is a classic element to this number. It’s a mid-tempo rocker that’s quite effective.

Change in Latitude

A bit mellower tune, this has a lot more of a classic rocking sound than punk. It’s one of the most “different” tunes here. It’s also one of the best.

Song for You

I love the rather noisy guitar that sort of soars over this whole cut, ever present. The tune is more of a mid-tempo rocker beyond that.

Been Away Too Long

Punk, raw rock and roll and something a bit like The Stones all combine here. This is solid, but not a big change.


More of a balladic piece, this works pretty well. It grows to a more rocking number as it builds out beyond its origins. This is actually one of the most interesting cuts here. It’s one of the best, too.

It Happened on Willow Street

This starts on acoustic guitar and remains with that as the only backing for the vocals. It’s a folk meets rock kind of piece. It’s a good change, but not a great song. I think a more rocking thing would have made a better closer.

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Let It Rock Review: Cure For Gravity “Cure For Gravity”


Aloof, if alluring, defiance of physical laws from Californian trio who are set to heal the world.

If falling down is an disease, someone had to come up with a medicine for it, but while obvious convalescence would involve dream-like progress, this band add a secret ingredient to their atmospheric passages to make their debut special. A surf-rock twang of Dave Walcott’s guitar may come to the surface only a couple of times – most notably on “Push” and “Sunspots” – yet that’s exactly the ripple which is needed to create a movement of larger sound strata. Although pieces such as “Tonight” are appropriately hazy, Joe Markert’s new-romantic vocals notwithstanding, sparse instrumental focus cuts through what seem to be abstract pictures.

More so, the electronica-tinctured “Just Like Candy” bares unexpected, slightly funky sweetness in its ripped riffs and falsetto fringe which welcome fine rock ‘n’ rolling, whereas the ease and breeze of “BlackMetal” contradict the cut’s title with some panache. That’s the reason why the glacial, at first glance, songs turn out to be soul-warming, And then there’s “Killing For The Queen” to hint at a wider vista the group, whose rhythms are driven by Chris Gamper’s drums, can display further on down the road if they remain anchored to Earth. They’d better do.

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Exciting Hollywood Performance on Tuesday, January 17th: Amanda Abizaid and Friends


Amanda Abizaid and friends
Tuesday, January 17th, 24th, 31st, 2017
Genghis Cohen
Hollywood, CA

American Lebanese singer songwriter Amanda Abizaid performs a journey of her songs from her first EP “The Great Plan Vol I” to her latest Single “One Love”. All different styles of her music from Pop, Rock, Neo Soul and World. This Residency Show she will be accompanied by A-list musicians Lindsay Gillis, Jon O’Hara and Stewart Jean along with other guest A-list musicians and singer songwriters from the LA music scene performing their own set of music. A truly eclectic night. Please arrive at 7pm to meet Amanda and the artists of the night and enjoy a delicious meal and drinks at this Famous Hollywood Chinese Restaurant. Purchase your ticket ahead of time at the link below. There is limited seating and these shows will be sold out.

Tickets available at

Door – cash only

Genghis Cohen, 7-10:30pm
740 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 653-0640
United States

Singer Songwriter/Musician Line Up for Jan 17th
Morty Shallman
Shane Soloski
Amanda Abizaid with bandmates Lindsay Gillis, Stewart Jean and Jon O’Hara
Michael Datz with Merethe Soltvedt

Let It Rock Review: Pete Kronowitt “A Lone Voice”


Singer-songwriter from San Francisco taps into the heart of Americana to rock actual and timeless issues.

While continuing to plough a country field on an album number four, Pete Kronowitt has somehow hardened his approach to performance, if not composition. Most of it is topical – in all meanings of the word – yet there’s an obvious shift in the nostalgic mood of “Follow The Leader” or the hoedown of “Necessary Evils” from the artist’s debut that are revisited here, 13 years down the line, in a new, politics-wise, climate. That’s what, perhaps, necessitated the starting of this record with “Change Is Gonna Come” – not a Sam Cooke classic but an optimistic piece which may be a bit soft for a real kick – and the taking of hope to a boogie limit for “Body, Choice & Mind” where steel guitars dance with a piano.

Such a sweet roll, perfect for “Holding Your Head” or “Tears On The Back Of Her Head” that are adorned with an organ purr, can distract the listener from the irony of “Got Guns?” until its lyrics become straightforward, and “Puppet Master” doesn’t try to hide behind subtle hints either, the cut’s jaunty facade notwithstanding. Of course, merriment can serve the lyrical purpose of the fiddle-kissed “She Gives” much better, yet when juxtaposition of a message and a tune is required, Kronowitt excels in applying this kind of contrast. Make it sharper, and the ghosts of Woody and other Pete will emerge.

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Watch Now: “X-Ray Vision,” New J French Music Video From Album “Jaguar Jesus”

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