Music Street Journal Review: Jordan Hurwitz “LOVESICK.”

30 Jan


Track by Track Review

I Love Your Abs

Starting on piano, there is a lot of jazz built into this piece. It’s bouncing and effective. The vocal performance is strong. It’s a cool tune.


More of a classic pop music sound, with a bit of soul, makes up this number. This is such a strong and evocative piece of music.


I’d probably consider this piece to be jazz-filled pop music. That said, this slow piece is based on a lot of blues. As always Hurwitz’ vocal delivery is top-notch and really sells the cut.

Obliterate My Heart

This cut has a duet with Hurwitz and Cornell Carter. The song is a classy pop tune. This doesn’t break any borders, but it just excels in terms of quality and evocative vibe.


Another pretty cut, this has a lot of emotion and beauty built into it.


The title track is more of a modern pop sounding thing. It’s classy for sure. It gets more of an energized kind of dance vibe to it in some of the later parts of the tune. This one feels a bit overproduced to me, but not enough to be annoying.


For Music Samples or to order LOVESICK. EP visit:


Check out Jordan’s website for more information and touring schedule:

Interview Requests contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR at or call 828-350-8158


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