BroadwayWorld Features Omeri Press Release in Anticipation of His Debut Album, “Day Dream’n”

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Three 2 Go Music is proud to introduce singer/songwriter Omeri and his debut album Day Dream’n, set to be released in stores and online worldwide on March 24, 2017. This musically diverse album features catchy hooks, colorful, hypnotic melodies, and will have listeners nodding their heads and tapping their feet as they enjoy the lyrics. Loaded with all the vibrancy of pop music, Day Dream’n introduces us to the immensely gifted Omeri and his charismatic personality, driven and inspired by R&B music and the emotions that bring it to life.

Omeri prides himself on being open to different genres and styles of music. “I’m always looking for new challenges and ways to express myself,” he says. In addition to the 70’s R&B and pop classics that consistently played on the radio in his childhood home, the influences of John Mayer, Darius Rucker, Gavin Degraw, and Lauryn Hill are clearly heard on this impressive debut. His width of talent and taste is noticeably present throughout Day Dream’n, which has a crossover appeal that listeners of all types will appreciate. The hypnotic melody and lyrics of a song like “One Night” provide a glimpse of Omeri’s soulful and intimate musical connections, while “Don’t Look for Me” is insightful and captures the strength of Omeri’s voice in a personal way. Day Dream’n truly has something for all to enjoy.

Omeri, who has always enjoyed writing his own lyrics, is a multi-talented artist. Growing up in the inner city of Buffalo, New York, his turbulent teen years brought about new experiences and forced him to decide very quickly which path in life he wanted to follow. Raised by his godmother, Omeri’s early years were far from “normal.” His mother was a troubled professional dancer, while his father chose the fast street life; Omeri used music as his escape.

He spent time developing his natural talents, such as writing R&B music and dancing. This eventually turned into more than a pastime when he auditioned for America’s Best Dance Crew with some friends from his low-income Central Park neighborhood. His crew didn’t get the break they were looking for from that experience, but Omeri’s desire to press on with his aspirations did not waver. He refocused and continued to explore his other talents, and dug deeper into his writing capabilities.

“I would buy electronic beats online and use the R&B lyrics that I created to come up with a track,” he says. This writing tradition positioned him to audition for and sign with independent label Three 2 Go Music, which prides itself on its dedication to the development of young talent.

Omeri’s deep desire to understand and express himself uniquely through music has compelled him to take on any challenge in life with a positive attitude and learn from it. Day Dream’n will release in stores and online worldwide on March 24, 2017.

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