Exclusive Magazine Review: E-Life 7 “Miked Up”

10 Mar


For those not in the know, Three 2 Go Music introduces E-Life 7(EL7) featuring Michael Pennick with his debut CD Miked Up. EL7 unites some of Western NY’s finest musicians including; keyboardists Rodney Spears and Charlie Crymes Jr., guitarist Ron Walker, drummer and percussionist Tim Webb and bassist Mike Pennick.

There’s also a special appearance by Ken Whitman (tenor sax), with Walter Kemp III, Van Taylor (keyboards), Joey Diggs and Dee Osbourne (vocals) also featured heavily on Miked Up.

EL7 is the brain child of Ron Walker and Mike Pennick long time members of Buffalo Music Hall of Fame R&B recording artists The Exoutics. Indeed, it should also be known that EL7 fully acknowledges the musical and spiritual influence of past and present members of The Exoutics and you can feel their influence here on this 14 track CD.

1. ‘Sunday Night’ (03:21)
2. ‘Chaos’ (02:37)
3. ‘Second Level’ (04:19)
4. ‘Smooth Ride’ (04:30)
5. ‘Inner Beauty’ (04:56)
6. ‘That Girl’ (04:58)
7. ‘Tony Rome’ (05:22)
8. ‘Sunrise’ (04:22)
9. ‘Feelin’ You’ (06:26)
10. ‘Before The Storm’ (05:50)
11. ‘Miked Up’ (04:40)
12. ‘Beautiful Day’ (04:06)
13. ‘Tony Rome (Radio Edit)’ (04:42)
14. ‘Feelin’ You (Radio Edit)’ (04:31)

We begin with the upbeat and joyous funk of ‘Sunday Night’ and move beautifully into both the frenetic drumming of ‘Chaos’ (as well a titled track if ever there were one) and the flowing ‘Second Level’. The jazz sax flow of ‘Smooth Ride’ is next and that’s followed by the laid back bass strumming of ‘Inner Beauty’, and upbeat remake of Stevie Wonder’s ‘That Girl’, the late night groove of ‘Tony Rome’ and then both ‘Sunrise’ and the all out funk groove of ‘Feelin’ You’.

With Rodney’s unique keyboard skills accenting, complimenting perfectly the keyboard foundations laid by Charlie, Tim’s intricate drum touch reinforces rhythmic, melodic bass lines and spicy guitar licks throughout. When blended together, this unique sound has come together just perfectly here on Miked Up.

The more laid back late night sway of ‘Before The Storm’ is next and that’s followed by the title track, ‘Miked Up’, the jazz lite ‘Beautiful Day’ and then rounding the album out both ‘Tony Rome (Radio Edit)’ and ‘Feelin’ You (Radio Edit)’.

So, as the band themselves have overly stressed, life is short so enjoy it! And that means go out and buy this fantastic CD today. Oh, and what does EL7 stand for? Enjoy Life 7 days a week, my friends. It’s just as simple as that.

www.three2gomusicalliance.com www.e-life7.net/music


Miked Up to Release Worldwide on March 24, 2017

For more information about E-Life 7 please visit:  www.e-life7.net

For Booking information please email info@Three2GoMusic.com

For Press inquiries contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR: (828) 350-8158 or glassonyonpr@gmail.com

For Digital Marketing contact Jerome Forney at Independent Distribution Collective: jerome@independentdistro.com


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