Keys and Chords Review: Omeri “Day Dream’n”

15 Mar


“Omeri succeeds with brilliance on his debut album. He mixes very fine modern pop music with upbeat Urban / R & B smooth and crossovers.
The release ‘Day Dream’n‘ is the debut album for the American artist Omeri Monroe III. He grew up in Buffalo, New York and there was raised by his mother and godmother. His turbulent teenage years brought him the much needed life experiences that were laced with some musicality. And which were characterized by pop and R & B. In the eight original tracks Omeri appears to be influenced by John Mayer, Darius Rucker and many others. Actually, we are here all the music quite happy. Omeri has a smooth voice range with Anthony Derosas and / or Francesco Nicastro’s impressieve guitar licks are colored. The album opens with the very melodic and funky title track. To his right to sue away with soulful “Guess I’ll Be Waiting.” This is where Tim Webb’s drum and keyboard, along with the handsome backing vocals, almost immediately in the spotlight. The song ‘Real Your Mind’ turn has that funky gitaarrriff that feels slightly some Latin-like. The acoustic ballad “Do not Look For Me ‘is a caesura for the album and find the song’ Genuine Love’s actually a musical antipode. The slow blues’ One Night ‘comes in antithesis with the rousing’ Day Dream’n (Extended). And also of ‘One Night’ (Reprise) we actually get a second, but very condensed version. Here the acoustic guitar then comes back with its electric counterpart get the attention that to him.”
1. ‘Day Dream’n’
2. ‘Guess I’ll Be Waiting’
3. ‘Read Your Mind’
4. ‘Don’t Look For Me’
5. ‘Genuine Love’
6. ‘One Night’
7. ‘Day Dream’n (Extended)’
8. ‘One Night (Reprise)’
Day Dream’n will release in stores and online worldwide on March 24, 2017.
To Pre-Order on iTunes visit:
For more information about Omeri please visit:
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For Press inquiries contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR: (828) 350-8158 or
For Digital Marketing contact Jerome Forney at Independent Distribution Collective:

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