RELEASED TODAY! Three 2 Go Catalogue Release Review: JP’s Music Blog Reviews J-Bella, Omeri, and E Life-7

24 Mar


From New York comes the debut album from R&B/pop singer J-Bella titled “All For Nothin’.” It is one of the first releases to arrive on the brand new independent music label Three 2 Go Music. J-Bella grew up a fan of Mariah Carey and was influenced by Alicia Keys as she allows her vocals to soar on the opening track “Shine Remix.” Her new 8-song release continues with her soulful delivery of “I Choose You” as J-Bella duets with the equally talented Roger Gossom on this ballad. She showcases her wonderful vocals in the soulfulness of “All For Nothin’,” before bringing back the energy of “Game” and “Up Down.” Her new album finishes with the return of “Shine” and a special bonus remix of “Shine” that displays how her vocals can accommodate many different music genres. To find out more about J-Bella and her latest release “All For Nothin’,” please visit

Also from New York comes the debut album “Day Dream’n” from pop singer/songwriter Omeri. His new album will be released on March 24th through the Three 2 Go Music label and features a diverse array of music from pop to R&B to soul to rock. Beginning with the title song, Omeri instantly becomes accessible with the pop infused rock swing of  “Day Dream’n.” The soulful delivery of “Guess I’ll Be Waiting” and the light-hearted, fun, up-tempo pace of “Read Your Mind” will have Omeri on your playlist as you discover the talents of this young musician. His soulful vocals during the ballad “Don’t Look For Me” will warm your soul, before he finishes his new 8-song release with the R&B delivery of “One Night” and an extended version of the title-song. To find out more about Omeri and his latest release “Day Dream’n,” please visit

Finally we arrive at the debut album from E-Life 7 featuring Michael Pennick on bass. The new album titled “Miked Up” is also being released on March 24th through Three 2 Go Music. The new 14-track release begins with Pennick making a statement with his bass as he trades licks with guitarist Ronald Walker on the instrumental “Sunday Night.” Pennick leads the way through the funky rhythm of “Choas” and delivers a “Smooth Ride” with the jazz tones of saxophonist Ken Whitman. E-Life combines the elements of rock and funk for the high energy of “That Girl,” before Michael Pennick digs deep down for the bluesy bass solo of “Tony Rome.” They introduce vocals into the R&B backdrop of “Feelin’ You,” before slowing down for the six-minute jazz of “Before The Storm.” The album finishes with the bright, up-tempo pace of “Beautiful Day” and two radio edits of the songs “Tony Rome” and “Feelin You.” To find out more about E-Life and their latest release “Miked Up,” please visit


J-Bella’s All For Nothin to Release In Stores and Online TODAY March 24, 2017

To Order All For Nothin visit:

For more information about J-Bella please visit:


Omeri’s Day Dream’n will release in stores and online worldwide TODAY on March 24, 2017.
To Order on iTunes visit:
For more information about Omeri please visit:

E-Life 7’s Miked Up is scheduled to be released TODAY on March 24, 2017 through Three 2 Go Music.

For more information about E-Life 7 please visit:


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