Exclusive Magazine Review: Mark Duda “Month of Sundays”

5 Apr

mark duda

For those not in the know, not unlike myself, Mark Duda is an artist from New York City’s East Village who sings, plays guitar, and writes great original rock and punk songs. Over his storied career, he has worked with a who’s who of New York rock and roll royalty, and helped to carry the torch for bands and artists such as the New York Dolls, Dead Boys, and Johnny Thunders, into the 21st Century.

1. Month Of Sundays
2. Murder On Delancey
3. Standoff Love
4. Worse For Wear
5. Connection
6. Subway Song

His thunderous, raucous new six-track EP (out on April 14, 2017 via True Rock) kicks off with the Axel Rose-esque vocals (at times) of the title track, ‘Month Of Sundays’, and backs that up with both ‘Murder On Delancey’ and ‘Standoff Love.’ The guitar work from Cheetah Chrome (from The Dead Boys) along with the drums from Bobby Rondinelli (from The Handful) make ‘Murder On Delancey’ rock out even more, but in truth, the guitar work throughout all these tracks is top notch.

Personally, I love the old school E-Street feel to the saxophone opening of ‘Standoff Love’ also. Indeed, each and every one of the six cuts provides us with real rock music to listen to – not that prefabricated radio top 10 pop fluff we always seem to get.

The album, which is as much a tribute to the music and club scenes of ’70s and ’80s Lower Manhattan as it is a representation of some of the very current sounds and energy that can be found in the Big Apple, includes musician workmanship from Handful band mate Jimi K. Bones (who also co-wrote half the songs) on guitar, percussion and backing vocals; Thommy Price (from Joan Jett And The Blackhearts, Scandal) on drums; and Kenny Aaronson (from Stories) on bass.

Month Of Sundays continues ever onward with ‘Worse For Wear’, a track that slows the pace just enough to still make us aware its a rock song of sorts, then the cowbell-infused ’70s feel of the quite brilliant ‘Connection’, with the EP coming to an all-too-soon close with the folk rocker ‘Subway Song.’

Having written, or at least co-written all the songs on this brand new EP, Mark Duda is in top form on Month of Sundays. Performing songs that seamlessly blend traditional rock with elements of punk and doo wop, Duda’s vocals are raw, real, and edgy, but at no times does he over do it. He’s in control throughout and this EP is the most perfect example of a man still in love with his chosen profession.


Month Of Sundays is scheduled to be released on April 14, 2017 through True Rock.

To pre-order Month of Sundays on iTunes please visit: http://smarturl.it/markduda

To pre-order Month of Sundays on Bandcamp please visit: https://markduda.bandcamp.com/

For more information about Month of Sundays or upcoming tour dates, please visit Mark’s website and social media pages via www.markdudamusic.com

For Booking inquiries please email booking@markdudamusic.com


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