Melodiva Review: Jordan Hurwitz “LOVESICK.”

11 Apr


“This CD makes you listen. She is the work of a remarkable young musician, a singer / songwriter from California. Because she has managed to be produced by none other than Narada Michael Walden, one of the most influential music producers of our time, who has cleverly honored prizes and has been awarded under his contract by superstars like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.
Jordan Hurwitz’s success story sounds a bit fabulous. At the age of six she received piano lessons, followed by guitar and drums, later singing. Training her voice proved to young Jordan in retrospect as an initial spark. She began to write songs herself and to record them. This reads loosely and easily, but anyone who has even taken an instrument in his hand knows, What it means to train three instruments plus voice. In addition to talent, there is an enormous amount of willpower, hard work and self-discipline to achieve this artistic level, which Hurwitz currently stands for.
Your voice is versatile and has a pleasantly warm timbre. Hurwitz can interpret ballads without losing their way into superfluous pathos, like in the song “Power”, or turn into a rock tube like in the rousing track “Lovesick”. She can use her vibrato as a stylistic device, so she can control and modulate her voice very well. The best thing is to like it in the deep position, because it sounds extra velvety. It covers a wide range of styles, and frankly the label “singer / songwriter” is the least to be found. This would also be a small critique on my part: the songs are very lush instruments (synth orchestras), there would have been less. But Narada Michael Walden has the right nose. I guess, from Jordan Hurwitz we will soon hear more.”
CD, 2016, 6 Tracks, Label: Tarpan Records
Sandra Müller-Berg

To purchase LOVESICK. EP visit:


Check out Jordan’s website for more information and touring schedule:

Interview Requests contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR at or call 828-350-8158


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