Reviews Mark Duda’s Soon-To-Be-Released Album, “Month of Sundays”

13 Apr


“In this short version of MARK DUDA (THE HANDFUL, MAD CITY ROCKERS), we do not have to deal with the usual placeholder lyrics on all possible genre stereotypes, but rather elaborate textual material with an emotional basis, while the music Hardrock through and is maintained – at an elevated level and with all sorts of semiprominence.

Drummer Thommy Price actually shows the name of Joan Jett in his portfolio, and the other names also tell some of the initiates something: For example, in “Murder On Delancey” HANDFUL colleague Bobby Rondinelli (drums) and Klampfer Cheetah Chrome from the DEADBOYS. ‘Standoff Love’, on the other hand, comes with Arno Hecht’s saxophone, which blows in the wind section of the ROLLING STONES. The piece also reminds a little of this.

The Seventies orientation is constantly changing through ” Month Of Sundays “, sometimes the pathos of QUEEN without overburdening arrangements, and every song – especially “Murder On Delancey” and the moving “Worse For Wearr” With no equal in art music.

Especially in the brevity there is also the spice, even if it is to be assumed that Duda would also shine at full album length. Oh … and humorous is the guy, too – so, as I said, not only on the feisty songs, but also their lyrics.

CONCLUSION: Classic Hardrock from a corner that no one could have on the screen – MARK DUDA would be better off with a larger label, because this is definitely the case for some “bigger players”.”

Month Of Sundays is scheduled to be released on April 14, 2017 through True Rock.

To pre-order Month of Sundays on iTunes please visit:

To pre-order Month of Sundays on Bandcamp please visit:

For more information about Month of Sundays or upcoming tour dates, please visit Mark’s website and social media pages via

For Booking inquiries please email


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