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20 Apr


Jessica Bell is a young American soul and R & B singer from Buffalo, New York who has a great passion for composing and singing his own songs. As a child, she was inspired by singers such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys. She brings those songs now marketed under the stage name “J-Bella” with her debut eight-track album “All For Nothin.”

This is however not really eight new songs, because of the song “Shine” We have just three very different versions offered on this disc: as single in a remix’ version and a bonus mix ‘version. All the songs on this album were written by Jessica Bell himself in collaboration with album producer Tim Webb.

Her lyrics are based on experiences from her own life and are therefore right in the heart of this young lady. It was an ambitious new record label ‘Three 2 Go Music “that J-Bella wanted to provide an opportunity to put her songs on a CD and release them. A relationship gone wrong Jessica Bell gave the inspiration to write the songs on this album.

“Shine” is a modern pop song with a lot of soul in the sound, such as current stars like Adele or Sam Smith also bring commit. There is certainly hit potential in this number, as it can get through the right channels on the radio stations. The soul ballad “I Choose You” goes more towards emotionalism and the title track “All For Nothin ‘is a piano ballad that the sensitive strings are touched.

The song “Game” is R & B, but we can still attract less and “Haters” and “Up Down” had provided some finer sharpening and grinding work can be better. These J-Bella can sing and therefore perhaps is entitled to a successful musical career certainly seems to belong to the possibilities, but it is the foreseeable future will tell.

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