Review: Amanda Abizaid “Walking in Twos” (translated)


“Amanda Abizaid is half-American and half-Lebanese musician who not only looks very beautiful, but also proves to be very versatile -she sings, plays piano and flute- and above has a big heart. After all, this seven-track EP is actually a benefit album for the purpose of “”, a non-profit organization that cares about education of children in general and the expansion and improvement of classrooms in the Philippines.

More specifically, the Aeta, a somewhat isolated tribe, mostly in the rugged part of the island of Luzon life, the object of the attention of the singer who, as expected, was touched by the way of life of the people, despite poverty and hardship, yet radiate a kind of joy and dignity which we Westerners have long not to know exists. A plate for charity and so there philanthropist can only be me happy, especially since they also musically good turns out to be in each other.

Seven tracks so, although the title track appears in two versions: a “normal”, with Stephen Stills (yes, your Stephen Stills) in a serving role on guitar in a song, witness the remix, where a lot of electronics in use was a bit to create a trip hop effect, remains intact, proving the strength of the song. Children of the Aeta sing a bit, and it always works, and although some of the texts which may seem corny -Let’s not forget that we are dealing with an American production, it seems to me that Amanda her big heart in the right place to sit. Eventually we’re all better off if we make it a better place together manage the world than it is today, right? That education, education, education is crucial, because we can only be completely agree, right?

In that picture fit actually all the other songs of the EP: “Lion’s Den”, a rock song with electronic weft, the earlier on single released “One Love”, which appears to have been really inspired by Bob Marley, the vibrating hopper “Promises of Love,” in which the great Egyptian old virtuoso Ahmed Kamal -u ‘m probably still knows his performances on the Tahrirplein- a beautiful oriental key is applying and “Release Me”, that is pure ambient and in two languages is sung.

This produces a very fine slice, that is only limited in physical form. The aim of the project is indeed at many people download the plate fee and / or stream, so the education which I wrote above, to help as many pennies. I also give the site information along so that you can speak your heart. But regardless of all charities: this is just a very nice picture!”

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