IDC: Your Music Deserves It.

IDC Promo Flier_Final_Low Rez.jpg

You might be wondering how IDC can help you and your music reach new levels of success. With personalized plans and customized strategies, IDC can give you what your music deserves. Read below to learn about our various services and how we can help you.

Independent Distribution Collective is a marketing and distribution company based in San Francisco that offers customized marketing campaigns, physical and digital distribution, music licensing, and other artist or brand development services. For the past 13 years, Independent Distribution Collective (IDC) has been a powerhouse in the world of independent distribution and marketing.

IDC provides a unique and valuable service that executes a customized, full-scale Marketing Campaign for a project combining Physical and Digital Distribution with a team of PR, Social Media, and other industry marketing professionals. With an IDC Promo campaign, IDC secures international distribution while a committed marketing team works together to grow the worldwide fan base and exposure.

IDC now offers a smaller scale version of this marketing campaign called IDC Promo Base Level, a new service that is designed to create an affordable, customized marketing campaign to increase awareness and demand for Single or EP-length releases. IDC Promo Base Level builds a simple but effective marketing campaign, including the creation and distribution of an industry standard press release, a limited social media marketing strategy, and inclusion in IDC’s digital and physical distribution catalogs.

Another new service offered is IDC Consultation, a comprehensive program designed to help you take control of your career while developing a wide-ranging knowledge of the music industry. The service includes three one-hour scheduled meetings. Tangible assets will be provided, which may include marketing plans and strategies, development of an industry standard press release, and various important forms and documents related to career planning and business structures. As the IDC Consultation program begins, clients fill out a simple questionnaire asking about all aspects of their career, including attainable goals and plans for the future. Once completed, IDC will better understand the client’s current career path and how to best guide them towards setting and achieving these goals.

For more information, please feel free to visit IDC’s website at or call (415) 292-7007, M-F 9 am to 5 pm, or via email newmusic(at)independentdistro(dot)com.

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