Four Albums To Be Released By BHP Music-Guitar Trax Records This Friday!

4 May

Zep-Get The Led Out 890133001117.jpgMarley Remixed 890133001049.jpg

GTR Masters 3 & 4 890133001193.jpgGuitar Masters Vol 1-890133001025

BHP Music-Guitar Trax Records will be releasing four new titles on Friday, May 5th.

Bob Marley RemixedAsphalt Jungle, the pioneering NYC electronic duo of Brian Tarquin and Chris Ingram, were granted unprecedented access to the Marley tape vault, and embarked on a mission to take the classic sound of Bob Marley to unexpected, unimagined new places. The resulting 12 songs of “Bob Marley Remixed” is a masterful set, where the awe of respect and the spirit of adventure build continuously on each other, a spiraling musical DNA that leads from island roots to drum ‘n’ bass, big beat, techno, rock and beyond.

Get The Led Out!: Led Zeppelin Salute: The concept of taking twelve celebrated numbers from the Zeppelin songbook and reworking them sans vocals works wonders on Get The Led Out! – Led Zeppelin Salute. Renowned for his great ears and studio expertise, producer guitarist Brian Tarquin assembled a sweeping array of classic Zeppelin covers as performed by some of rock’s cutting edge guitar stars. As a boon for Zeppelin fans, Get The Led Out! adds in four vintage bonus cuts—three from 1970 with Jimmy Page, Daniel Edwards, John Bonham and singer David “Lord” Sutch and one from ‘68 with John Paul Jones and singer Keith de Groot—presenting an interesting twist to this classic CD tribute.

Guitar Masters Vol. 1: An extraordinary collection of hard-to-find rarity tracks covering a variety of genres, such as Rock, Acoustic, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, & experimental. Featuring Guitar Legends: Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Billy Sheehan, Zakk Wylde, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Steve Morse, Stanley Clarke, John Scofield and Trey Gunn to name a few. “Guitarists should be in heaven with this one, as it is definitely good to the last drop. Hopefully many volumes will follow this inaugural disc.” –Vintage Guitar Magazine

Guitar Masters Vol. 3 & 4: Les Paul Dedication: An extraordinary collection of rarity tracks, including the 1940’s original track from Les Paul & His Trio, and little known track featuring Jeff Beck with Lord Sutch “Gutty Guitar,” from the Jimmy Page produced sessions “Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends.” Also contains a fantastic version of the Led Zeppelin classic track “Moby Dick,” performed by Leslie West. Plus a shredding version of the Jeff Beck classic song “Blue Wind” featuring bass extraordinaire Billy Sheehan.

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