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mark duda

Of course, it’s no use for any artist to make a solo album that sounds like the band they belong to. That’s exactly what crossed the mind of Mark Duda, The Handful and Mad City Rockers. That’s why Month Of Sundays – and Mark Duda explains in this interview why this curious title – delineates from the hard rock vein of the New Yorker and trends for more rock ‘n’ roll and punk .

Hi mark! Thanks for your availability. Tell us a little bit about this new album that features six new songs?

I wanted to do something other than the hard rock that I’ve been writing and recording for the last fifteen years. I’ve always been a fan of traditional rock ‘n’ roll melodies and wanted to write some songs that would show my taste for the genre.

So what goals do you intend to achieve with this EP?

I hope this EP shows that I am a singer and songwriter that transcends genres. Of course, I would like to sell enough discs to be able to make another.

How did the guests participate in Month Of Sundays ?

I was fortunate to have had so many great musicians with me in Month Of Sundays . I have worked with Jimi Bones and Bobby Rondinelli in recent years on The Handful. Cheetah Chrome played and mixed the last album of The Handful. Thommy Price was introduced to me by Jimi, as they have worked together in the past in Joan Jett’s band. Kenny Aaronson was recommended by Thommy, and Arno Hecht was recommended by a mutual friend, Peter Aschner.

That is, the participation of authentic living legends of rock . What was it like working with all these people?

All of them are not just some of the most talented musicians I’ve ever worked with, but some of the most friendly and down -to-earth people . Working with all these people allowed me to fully realize my vision of composition for each track. Everyone who participated in this record understood exactly what I intended from a composition perspective, and they knew how to perform that New York rock n ‘roll sound I was looking for.

Has the composing process been shared by everyone or only you have been involved?

Originally I brought all the ideas for the six songs. When Jimi and I were in pre-production, he made additions to three of six songs.

I find the title of the album very curious. Why Month Of Sundays ? Any special reason?

There are some reasons for the title. One of them is that the song Month Of Sundays leads the album. Another is that this record was recorded during the time of inactivity between albums with The Handful, and when it was more frequent to set aside studio time to record was on Sundays. So this album was recorded almost literally for a month on Sundays.

How does Month Of Sundays approach or distance from your previous work?

Month Of Sundays is deliberately different from my previous work with The Handful and Mad City Rockers. I always thought it did not make much sense for musicians to make solo albums that sound like their bands. If I write a song that is appropriate for The Handful, it ends up in an album by The Handful. I would not make a solo album of songs that I could do with my band. For me, the purpose of this record was to show another side of my composition and performance skills.

So you agree that there is a departure from your hard rock vein ?

Yes, this is a traditional rock ‘n’ roll album with punk influences that moves away from my hard rock work .

By the way, what’s the status of your other bands, namely The Handful and Mad City Rockers?

The Handful are in the process of recording our fifth album. It’s an extremely ambitious album that will certainly turn heads . Thelineup is the same as the last album, Sons Of Downtown , 2015, namely Jay Mischel on bass, Jimi Bones on guitar, Bobby Rondinelli on drums and me, Mark Duda on vocals and guitars. Cheetah Chrome also lends a helping hand. The Mad City Rockers released an album a few years ago, and although there has already been some talk to a successor, nothing has materialized so far.

Already have plans to take this Month Of Sundays to the road?

I would love to take you to the road, but as always, it will depend on two things – the demand and financing. In the meantime, we plan to do some live streams so that fans around the world can feel the taste.

Many thanks, Mark! Do you want to add anything else?

Thank you for taking the time to discuss my music. Play it loud !

Month Of Sundays was released on April 14, 2017 through True Rock.

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