KUDZOO Magazine Review: Mark Duda “Month of Sundays”

30 May

“I have been listening to Mark Duda for years as a member of The Handful, and I always loved their music, but I must be honest, Month of Sundays is the best album of Duda’s career thus far. It’s a six-song EP that leaves you wanting more —much more. All of the songs were written or co-written by Mark, and he sings them with passion, in a voice that sometimes reminds me of Axl Rose, if Axl had more control over his vocals. (Especially on the rocking “Con-nection.”) He rocks, but you can understand all of the words. I love that.

This album is full of melodic rockers, from the opening title track, “Month of Sun-days,” a song that will have you singing along and dancing at the same time. The song struc-ture, dynamics, guitar work and lyrics com-bine for a near perfect musical gumbo. Mark and his backing band don’t let up a bit for “Murder on Delancey” and “Standoff Love,” a tune that brings to mind the best of 1950’s, sax soaked radio rock, kicked up by a 21st century vibe.

“Worse for Wear” continues Duda’s set of instant classics. There is virtually nothing bad to be said about this album, sports fans. No kidding. “Subway Song,” an acoustic based rocker, closes out the set with true New York City style, moving from soft acoustic to a rocking Ramones/Runaways beat that sent my mind reeling back to my days in Manhat-tan rocking at CBGB or Max’s Kansas City.
Unde Buffalo says “check it out!” If you like excellent rock and roll with buckets of pas-sion, melody and sonic bombast, get you some Duda. Tell him Michael Buffalo sent you!
-Michael Buffalo Smith ”


Month Of Sundays was released on April 14, 2017 through True Rock.

To order Month of Sundays on iTunes please visit: http://smarturl.it/markduda

To order Month of Sundays on Bandcamp please visit: https://markduda.bandcamp.com/

To Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5XLAxaFFVOLJCow52TN5nd

To Order on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Month-Sundays-EP-Mark-Duda

For more information about Month of Sundays or upcoming tour dates, please visit Mark’s website and social media pages via www.markdudamusic.com

For Booking inquiries please email booking@markdudamusic.com


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