Music Street Journal “Track by Track” Review: Omeri “Day Dream’n”


Day Dream’n: There is a jazzy kind of pop vibe to this cut. The groove is solid, and the hooks work well.

I Guess I’ll Be Waiting: On the surface this is a tasty, bouncy little pop rock tune. It would be a lot more effective if the vocals stayed on key throughout.

If I Could Read Your Mind: Now, this is better. The groove and energy are great. The vocals are more consistently on target. There is a lot of jazz in this. I love the guitar solo.

Don’t Look for Me: A bit mellower number, this has some of that jazz texture, too. It’s a more effective tune, as well.

Genuine Love: Another jazzy tune, this is pretty cool. This is one of the more effective pieces, but the whole set is beginning to feel a little monolithic by this point.

One Night: This song actually represents some variety with a slow soulful groove. The problem is that the vocals lose track into “off key” territory a bit here, too. It’s a shame because this might have been the highlight of the set.

Day Dream’n (Extended): Here we get an extended re-do of the opener.

One Night (Reprise): This is literally what is say it is, a reprise of the previous tune. I like this a lot.”

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