Music in Belgium Review: Cornell CC Carter “Vindicated Soul” (translated)


“As the title of the album suggests, we are immersed in the atmosphere of soul music, with an American artist who takes great standards of the genre by traveling between neo-soul, R & B, disco and fresh- Contemporary jazz. Recorded in various studios in San Francisco, Cornell CC Carter, who started his career in 1996 and who was awarded the UK Bright Award twenty years later , pays tribute to the illustrious musicians and composers of soul, funk and even gospel. Proposed in a more contemporary remix while respecting the spirit of all these great black American currents and artists, the songs refer to icons such as Marvin Gaye , Leon Ware , Willie Hutch or Al Green , not to mention a Barry White intro .

Accompanied by international musicians such as Meleccio Magdaluyo (saxophone), Niecey Robinson (chorus), Ernest McKone (organ and keyboards ) and Kirk “KC” Crumpher (drums, bass, organ and keyboards ), Cornell offers a collection of songs Rhythm and vocals are of course essential to transcribe the soul or funky spirit. Starting from fathers like James Brown or Ray Charles , he sprinkles his work from the ” The atmosphere of formations like The Temptations or Kool and The Gang , not to mention Natalie Cole or even Michael Jackson .

Having finally worked with such luminaries as Neil Schon (Journey) or Dionne Warwick , he is also joining the services of the great Carlos Santana , in an album where he proves his great professionalism and great vocal abilities. Concerning the transmission of the timeless spirit of these great musical movements (soul music, funk or jazz), Cornel CC Carter fulfilled his task of offering to all those who love these tempos hot and chaloupés, By producing a collection that is both faithful and modernist, which transpires the imprint of all the great artists mentioned in this chronicle.”

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