MLWZ Review: Ray Vaughn “Wounded Bird”

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Ray Vaughn is a musician and working in San Francisco, “Wounded Bird” is  his second solo project.

From the first sounds you hear, that we have to deal with the conscious artist who from the very beginning as defined record, has a vision and consistently implements it. It is difficult to pigeonhole in one sentence his proposals, because the next catchy guitar playing appears on the album note of nostalgia, British rock and even punk rock. Generally speaking, it is very interesting. I was looking for a long time in my mind who or what ‘smells’ the production and finally found: it Iggy Pop and stylistic areas of his work. Yes, it’s probably accurate, but also very nice trail. I like music Vaughn, she actually sounds a bit ‘dirty’, but at the same time very positively.

My favorite on the album is definitely a ballad titled “Rain”. I would recommend.”

Purchase “Wounded Bird” Wounded Bird purchase link

Visit Ray Vaughn’s Website Rayosomusic

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