Reggaeville Review: Indubious “From Zero” [OUT TOMORROW!]

From Zero Cover_Low Rez

“Borders, whether national borders or cultural ones, have the function of building a coherent inner system within the broader lines by excluding the outside from the inside. But overcoming cultural boarders may evolve in great transculturation projects. In the case of the band Indubious, the musicians bypass musical genre borders, going beyond reggae traditions, combining roots, dub, electronic, and psychedelia to give rise to a new genre: rootstronica.

The North American West Coast band Indubious, comprising the brothers Spencer and Evan Burton, release their brand new full-length album From Zero which will be moving and inspiring for everyone who is into the combination of roots and electronic music.

From Zero is a collection of 14 songs and the first album that is completely self-produced by Spencer and Evan. They have released it through their own label Righteous Sound Productions. The mastering credits go to Michael Denton, who has recently been working with Stick Figure and Collie Buddz.

Indubious show a great sense for collaborations on this album. In the combination Golden Ones with dancehall icon Sizzla, the musicians have been wise to follow their own vision in rising up to the highest in these lyrics.

Don’t Lose Sleep is enriched by a contribution from Vaughn Benjamin, the voice of Akae Beka. The song is stunning, thanks to the heavy pounding of the bass. You can nearly see the huge speakers vibrating from the power of the bass waves in your mind’s eye. As the counterpart to the instrumental mash-up, Benjamin enters with his soothing beautiful voice, and brings with him harmony and inner strength.

From Zero is not just about great collaborations. Indubious creates music that could carry you away from mainstream life and take you to a world where the real values still mean something. Their songs offer serious reflections on life. The lyrics are uplifting and positive all the way. Not every song on From Zero is a highlight, but each one was selected carefully and created with a great love for melody and for the love of poetry in music.”

Article By Lena Pletzinger at

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