The Aquarian Review: Jennifer Saran “Wake Up”


“Singer/songwriter Jennifer Saran doesn’t rap, she sings in a most delectable way, always in service to the song. The title track of her self-released Wake Up features Ladysmith Black Mambazo and some guitarist named Santana as produced by Narada Michael Walden. It’s a clarion call for the enlightened. Saran is based in Hong Kong and has the kind of eclectic musical worldview to the point where she takes George Michael’s “Jesus To A Child”—with Walden on drums—and wraps it in the gauzy haze of four violins, two violas, cello and flute with her voice emanating out from within the middle. Similarly, when she tackles the Billy Paul hit “Me And Mrs. Jones,” changing the gender and leaking body fluids all over the mix, one can feel the danger of falling in love with someone when you’re already married to someone else. Most impressive, though, is her complete overhaul of the 1957 Patti Page hit “Old Cape Cod” and the 1952 Doris Day hit “My Love And Devotion” which sent me scurrying to YouTube to hear the originals. Her “Lean On Me” does Bill Withers proud and her originals beg to be interpreted in other genres. Welcome to the big stage, Jennifer Saran! You deserve it.”

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WAKE UP was released July 7th, 2017.
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Please Help Zion I After Armed Robbery

Zion I is calling on his fans for help. Monday, July 10th, Zion I was shooting a music video for a new song. Four hours into the shoot, he was robbed at gunpoint and the camera was stolen. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Zion I’s last album was inspired by his own personal losses as well as the current political and social climate of the world-at-large. His reason for filming in the heart of West Oakland and the storyline of the video, written by director David Telles, make it all the more ironic that he ended up being victimized.

There is a deductible to pay to get the camera covered by insurance, but the money spent on the video has to be raised to re-film. As an independent artist, Zion I is funding this alone. There is no record label financing this, which is why he is reaching out to you.

Please help him raise the money to get the camera back and the ability to reshoot the video and see your name as an funder in the credits!

Please Donate to Help Zion I at

Please Join Ray Vaughn at Hotel Utah Saloon, Saturday, July 29th!


Please join Ray Vaughn and special guests Karney and Air For Ants for a magical performance at Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco on Saturday, July 29th!

For More Information, please visit the event’s Facebook page at: Review: Indubious “From Zero” (translated)

From Zero Cover_Low Rez

“A music genre that is not often discussed here at ‘Rootstime’ is reggae music, but luckily there are sporadic exceptions to that rule. Like now, with the latest “From Zero” CD of the American Dubrock, Roots Rock and Reggae Formation ‘Indubious’ from Ashland, Oregon.

The four core members of this band are singer, guitarist and bassist Spencer Burton (‘Skipwicked’), singer and keyboardist Evan Burton (‘Evton B’), guitarist Teddy Presber and drummer Corey Foster. The Burton brothers are responsible for the creation of “Indubious” and also for all production of the fourteen tracks on “From Zero,” the fourth album of this quartet and the successor to their previous success album “Wake The Lion”.

The debut of “Indubious” dates back to 2008 with the album “Fresh Leaves” and was complemented with a second CD “Cosmic Seed” in the following year. Of course, reggae icon Bob Marley is one of the heroes to influence this band, but the addition of dubstep to the genre also makes for their own emphasis on their songs.

For three songs on “From Zero” guest vocalists were invited: “Golden Ones” features Jamaican reggae singer Sizzla Kalonji, “Do not Lose Sleep” carries Vaughn Benjamin from “Midnite” for the lead vocals and Canadian soul- And reggae singer Zahira sing along with Spencer Burton on the song “Root Down”.

The honesty means that we can say that we can not find anything bane-breaking on this album, but in the reggae genre it’s an album that will hit many fans. Therefore, we prefer the final judgment on “From Zero” of “Indubious” to the connoisseurs of the genre. We have played the entire CD without any slipping of any track, and we could really enjoy what we were told. In particular, the songs “See Sharp”, “If You Follow”, the catchy “Perfect” and the “We Got Vibes” look like something like Jimmy Cliff will surely follow us.”

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Watch Now: Birdseed’s “Not Out Of Time” Teaser Part 2!

Watch this great teaser video for Independent Distribution Collective and Bird Records band, Birdseed!

Bird Records is proud to present the NOT OUT OF TIME EP, a 10” limited edition vinyl and digital release from BIRDSEED, an American rock band formed in 2012 that has been attracting large numbers of Gen X and Gen Y fans with their classic Fleetwood Mac-meets-Wilco sound. This new release will be available worldwide online and in stores August 4, 2017, and features some amazing players and solid, compelling songs that are the manifestation of many hours of hard work and drive. With an interesting backstory of ordinary moms and dads chasing a teenage dream, BIRDSEED was formed while their children were studying together at the Bird School of Music in San Francisco, CA. Their songs address adult angst, lost loves, perseverance through pain, and the transcendent power of music.

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BIRDSEED will be touring in the Fall of 2017 in support of their NOT OUT OF TIME 10” Vinyl EP, which is available worldwide online and in stores August 4, 2017.

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Fatea Records Review: Jennifer Saran “Wake Up”

Jennifer Saran Cover.2.1

“This is indeed a rare jewel.”

“Jennifer Saran is an American born Hong Kong based singer songwriter of whom I knew nothing prior to the receipt of this latest album to review. I am certain that this is more my loss than hers. One of her aims in life, through both her music and charitable work, would seem to be to make the world we live in a better place. She is involved with a number of charities and the proceeds from the title track, “Wake Up” will go to the Desmond Tutu Foundation in South Africa.

The “Wake Up” album is a bit of a jewel for music lovers, containing a mix of almost every genre of music with the exception of opera. In addition to Jennifer’s amazing voice, it includes the Ladysmith Black Mambazo choir from South Africa and the renowned guitarist Carlos Santana. One thing that really struck me about Jennifer’s vocals is the clarity of her diction. No need here to rush off to find the sleeve notes to understand what she is singing about.

The album contains a mix of new songs written by Jennifer either alone or in collaboration with others and a number of tribute songs to other artists. All produced by Narada Michael Walden in California.

The tribute songs make for an unusual contribution to this production. A couple are fairly predictable, Bill Withers (Lean On Me) and Billy Paul (Me and Mr Jones.) The others, much less so! George Michael’s “Jesus To A Child” is quite superb and emphasises the quality of Jennifer’s voice. It also demonstrates what a talent the world of music lost with the death of George. Two of the other renditions came as a bit of a shock to this listener. Patti Page’s “Old Cape Cod” and Doris Day’s “My Love and Devotion” are not tracks that you would expect to hear on a CD issued in 2017. They are both however quite wonderful and the producer has done an incredible job of making the songs sound like they had been recorded at the relevant period in time, demonstrating total respect for the original artist and musicians! “Old Cape Cod” reminds me of music from a Busby Berkeley film although it never appeared in one. It just has that sound and feel to it and even includes vocal backing that is reminiscent of The Andrews Sisters.

There are a few real gems in the self-penned songs too. The title track “Wake Up” is a very uplifting song despite its very harsh warning about the state of our planet. Rather unusually for a protest song, it is played with a real beat and the backing of the choir. It works for me though and makes me listen to the words far more than some of the dirges I have heard in the past which try to make a point. “I Will Always be Your Home” is a line that all parents will have, at one point, told their children. A delightfully slow and very thought provoking track! “Really” sounds as though it has come straight from the local disco and “Grace is the Champion” is an excellent example of modern alt pop.

Jennifer is a lady who really cares about life and has produced an album to match her passion. I can honestly say that I like every track on this album. Some more than others but the same can be said of almost every album ever issued. One track will lift you up, the next will make you think about your life and that of others less fortunate. This is indeed a rare jewel. A lady who would make a wonderful dinner guest and is a very accomplished singer songwriter to be admired and taken notice of!”

WAKE UP was released July 7th, 2017.
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Watch The “Wake Up” Music Video

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“So much has changed in the music industry over the last few years that affect an artist’s ability to be successful. Some of it is brand new and a result of the technology we use, while some of it is good common sense that’s been used over and over during the past decades of the business. Here are 10 business fundamentals taken from [Kevin Cornell’s] Music 4.1 Internet Music Guidebook (in no particular order) that an artist, musician, producer or songwriter needs to grasp in order to get along in today’s music environment.”

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