Music In Belgium Review: E-Life 7 “Miked Up”


“Once again for those who like funk or soul, this [album] will be a party, because the technical level of the team in place is undeniable.”

“Album originally released in 2013, this “Miked Up” has been re-branded today thanks to the label Three 2 Go Music , in order to let us benefit from the work of experienced musicians. In addition to the presence of bassist Michael Pennick , the album includes talented musicians from Buffalo to New York ( Rodney Spears, Charlie Crymes Jr, Ronald Walker, Tim Webb ) and the participation of other virtuosos ( Ken Whitman, Denisha Osbourne, Joey Diggs, Walter Kemp or Van Taylor ).

All this beautiful world to offer us an album or blues soul and funk do wonders, especially at the level of bass playing which is prodigious here.  But let’s not forget the other instruments with a guitar and drums that follow the soul and funky movement, without ever dethroning the place of chief of the instrument with four strings (or five) ! The saxophone and organs here reinforce the funky and soul side, bringing us once again to the fundamentals of the genre.

The compositions that are mostly written by the tandem Walker / Pennick , bring a groove of hell returning us in the past to the golden age of funk and soul music, a time when the saxophone juggled with bass And the guitar on tempos entants see dansants. But what to remember are obviously the bass scales, which are here monstrous with a fingering and a dantesque strike  !

Once again for those who like funk or soul, this will be a party, because the technical level of the team in place is undeniable. Bass … Bass … Bass”

Miked Up was released on March 24, 2017 through Three 2 Go Music.

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