RockTimes Review: Indubious “From Zero” (Translated)

From Zero Cover_Low Rez

“Two brothers, Skip and Evton of Indubious, are now presenting their fourth album “From Zero.” This album is not to be taken for granted, because both were born with cystic fibrosis and had received rather gloomy predictions from their doctors on their longevity since early childhood. People affected by this disease have to be connected to oxygen during the day, in the car and at night, but through brave resilience, it is all the more pleasing that the two musicians are able to sing.

If the band Indubious , which originated in Portland, Oregon, simply defines their music as Reggae, it would certainly not be wrong. The special underlying rhythm is anchored in Jamaican musical style. However, I would like to describe the style of Indubious as a modern one. Modern in the way that the otherwise purist interpretation is used in conjunction with other musical elements that come into play.

This variant of the reggae seems to be successful and it is fitting for the band who describes themself as the ambassador of “West Coast Reggae.” The laziness, which is attached to the Reggae, is transported beautifully by Indubious and as I listen, in my head I picture the band more on the beach in California than in Jamaica. But the sound is just not on a California beach, because Indubious tours throughout the world. When you see what festivals they are already on the billing for, it might serve as a reference to see their true skill and talent: Wakarusa, Gathering Of The Vibes, Reggae On The River , Sulafest in India, Sierra Nevada Word Music Festival, Earthdance, Gaia Festival, Beloved, Britt festivals, just to mention a few.

Dancehall and Raggamuffin is beside the Roots Reggae main genre of the music of Indubious on “From Zero”. The guest musicians, Sizzla and Vaughn Benjamin, whose authenticity absolutely lies in their voices, are an important part of this album. Sizzla is justified in the title “Dancehall Icon” and Vaughn Benjamin is certainly heard in Midnite and Akae Beka. Gloriously, Sizzla’s vocal outbreaks are showcased on “Golden Ones.” Also, the appearance of Zahira Soul in “Root Down” brings a special feel to the music.

Many tracks also have a kind of psychedelica. By virtuosic synths, Indubious creates something like psychedelic dancehall. Reduced tempos, cellar-bass-bangles and singing down to voice-ling give the works a special flair. In addition, there are very harmonious tracks, Such as “Rocketship.” There are also pieces à la “See Sharp” in which the offbeat phrasing is lifted and the flirting keyboard sequences are intercepted. All this makes the music special.

You can feel that the album is performed with heart and skill. The fact that Evton and Skip are Americans cannot be felt at any moment. Another professional component is to be seen in the producer’s name of their previous album, because Daniele Gaudi is “legendary” in this genre. The messages of the band are in a positive context. Evan confirmed this positive attitude in 2011 after a complete recovery from a double lung transplant.

The ability of the band may also be recognized by whom they shared the stages over the years. In addition to Western artists such as Matisyahu, Michael Franti, Rebelution and Blondie , Black Uhuru , Stephen Marley , Junior Reid and Paton Banton are also members of reggae’s country of origin.

For the next few months, another album is planned, which can now be looked forward to, Indubious should remain faithful to this style.”

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