Review: Indubious “From Zero” (translated)

From Zero Cover_Low Rez

“A music genre that is not often discussed here at ‘Rootstime’ is reggae music, but luckily there are sporadic exceptions to that rule. Like now, with the latest “From Zero” CD of the American Dubrock, Roots Rock and Reggae Formation ‘Indubious’ from Ashland, Oregon.

The four core members of this band are singer, guitarist and bassist Spencer Burton (‘Skipwicked’), singer and keyboardist Evan Burton (‘Evton B’), guitarist Teddy Presber and drummer Corey Foster. The Burton brothers are responsible for the creation of “Indubious” and also for all production of the fourteen tracks on “From Zero,” the fourth album of this quartet and the successor to their previous success album “Wake The Lion”.

The debut of “Indubious” dates back to 2008 with the album “Fresh Leaves” and was complemented with a second CD “Cosmic Seed” in the following year. Of course, reggae icon Bob Marley is one of the heroes to influence this band, but the addition of dubstep to the genre also makes for their own emphasis on their songs.

For three songs on “From Zero” guest vocalists were invited: “Golden Ones” features Jamaican reggae singer Sizzla Kalonji, “Do not Lose Sleep” carries Vaughn Benjamin from “Midnite” for the lead vocals and Canadian soul- And reggae singer Zahira sing along with Spencer Burton on the song “Root Down”.

The honesty means that we can say that we can not find anything bane-breaking on this album, but in the reggae genre it’s an album that will hit many fans. Therefore, we prefer the final judgment on “From Zero” of “Indubious” to the connoisseurs of the genre. We have played the entire CD without any slipping of any track, and we could really enjoy what we were told. In particular, the songs “See Sharp”, “If You Follow”, the catchy “Perfect” and the “We Got Vibes” look like something like Jimmy Cliff will surely follow us.”

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