Sights and Sounds of Note Review: Birdseed “Not Out of Time”


“Rock Band BIRDSEED ( are a unique San Francisco musical undertaking originally formed by parents whose children were studying together at the Bird School of Music in the Bay Area. Eventually, they recruited the charismatic Kerry Landreth as lead singer and their fortunes began to turn and they started to build a loyal fan base attracted to Landreth’s star power and the band’s raw sound. The group might remind you of a Natalie Merchant fronted Fleetwood Mac with a driving Wilco-esque sound and sensibility and it’s these elements that have garnered them much local praise. Sadly, Landreth was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer in 2015 although she’s Not Out of Time quite yet as the title of the groups new 5-song vinyl EP declares. The songs that brim with themes of adult angst, lost loves, perseverance through pain, and the transcendent power of music – are made all the more poignant by their current uncertain future. Still there’s triumph here especially on “Next Trip Around the Sun” that finds Landreth coming to grips with mortality as she discards her fear, surrenders control, and sets out to achieve her dreams. That’s something we can all applaud.”

Order NOT OUT OF TIME on iTunes:

BIRDSEED will be touring in the Fall of 2017 in support of their NOT OUT OF TIME 10” Vinyl EP, which is available worldwide online and in stores August 4, 2017.

For more information about BIRDSEED and the NOT OUT OF TIME EP, or upcoming tour dates, please visit the band’s website and social media pages via

For more information about Bird School of Music please visit

To order the NOT OUT OF TIME EP, please visit the Bird Records Bandcamp page at

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