Exclusive Magazine Review: Unknown Hero “In My Head”


Anne Carlini writes that In My Head is “some of the finest musical storytelling I’ve heard in a long, long time.”

“For those not in the know, Unknown Hero is a musical creator on a mission. He combines his extensive musical talents, which include composition, production, keyboards, and voice, with his lifelong love of animation, heroes, and their stories to offer unique and inclusive musical and visual experiences.

With the release of his brand new album In My Head this October 13th, 2017 via his own label, Unknown Hero Music, Unknown Hero brings his fans something a little extra. For this new CD comes in a 4-panel book format with artwork by Unknown Hero featuring four of the characters from Altarz.

1. ‘Be Alright’ (featuring Kate Wild)
2. ‘Monsters In My Head’
3. ‘Her Name’
4. ‘A Minor 2125′
5. ‘Hero Beware’
6. ‘One More Day’
7. ‘Make It Happen’
8. ‘Dance’
9. ‘Keep Moving Me’
10. ‘Going For A Ride’
11. ‘Ask Me’
12. ‘Hero’s Groove’
13. ‘Close My Door’
14. ‘Be Alright’ (Instrumental)
15. ‘Monsters’ (Instrumental)

As you listen to this vibrant album, it’s important you know the genesis of it, the game plan for the tracks, as a whole, so to speak. For each track on In My Head has a place in a dystopian drama unfolding in the year 2125 on the Planet Altarz, where Lord Kraven and the UNKNOWN HERO are moving toward a showdown.

Years before, Lord Kraven abolished any practice or mention of music. But recently he has learned that a mysterious figure known only as the Uknown Hero has been depositing strange music-generating devices around the city.

A growing band of rebels are plotting ways to support his apparent mission: to give music back to the people.

Ergo, this stunning electronic album, one that blends elements of Downtempo, Trap, Dubstep, Rock, Funk, R&B, and Hip-Hop features not only a wide variety of tracks; many of which blur genre boundaries, but at the same time weave together some of the finest musical storytelling I’ve heard in a long, long time.”


To pre-order IN MY HEAD from iTunes please visit http://smarturl.it/unknownhero

For more information about UNKNOWN HERO and the IN MY HEAD release, please visit the Unknown Hero website and social media pages via http://www.unknownheromusic.com.

To pre-order IN MY HEAD from Bandcamp please visit https://unknownhero.bandcamp.com/

For Press and Interview inquiries, please contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR at (828) 350-8158 or glassonyonpr@gmail.com

For Digital Marketing, please contact Jerome Forney at Independent Distribution Collective at jerome@independentdistro.com’

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