Meet Go Ji, music expert and owner of Club Starlight


Go Ji’s favorite album to spin at Club Starlight is UNKNOWN HERO’s IN MY HEAD.  Buy or stream it here: 

Go Ji, a human born in Lunya, is known to many as DJ Go Ji. She is a middle-aged, once married woman who escaped the city of Lunya years ago, at great risk, to pursue her love of music. She left behind her husband and young son Ken Ji and resettled in Arya, a city outside the Republic of Kraven with no art restrictions. She can be found there researching old-world music and musical artifacts and playing at her popular night club Starlight.

Stay tuned for more from the planet Altarz.

For more information about UNKNOWN HERO and the IN MY HEAD release, please visit the Unknown Hero website and social media pages via

To order IN MY HEAD from Bandcamp please visit

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