Belgium Review: Michael Tracy “Still Got Soul”

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Charlotte is a city in the US state of North Carolina. It is the home of rock singer Michael Tracy who started his musical adventure as a soloist at the beginning of 2011 after completing his military service at the Navy. He married and became the father of two children who inspired him to compose own songs for his first album “Enough Small Talk” that appeared on the market at the end of 2011.

In the following years, he founded his own group and began to take care of all kinds of performances in North Carolina and neighboring states. He was in the forefront of George Thorogood and the rock groups ‘Styx’, ‘Foreigner’, ‘Jefferson Starship’ and ‘Bon Jovi’. The logical consequence was therefore a second album “Gonna Smile” released in early 2015.

With artists like Bob Seger, Bryan Adams and Tom Petty as his main source of inspiration and musical example, he steadily developed his solo career, and in early 2016 his third album was released under the title “Love And Worries”. Already almost one and a half years later, album number four is a fact and we can take a closer look at the new album “Still Got Soul”.

The ten songs on this album were composed by Michael Tracy and producer Sahaj Ticotin. It’s mostly rock’n’roll tracks that are fast-to-be-racked, and sometimes in the opening song “Laughter”, “Sweet Smile” and “Shake It”. In order to make everything sound easier, Michael Tracy has always integrated a catchy melody into the songs, such as “My Lisa”, “Savannah Nights” and “Hopeful” or in the rock ballads “Still Got Soul”, “Call Me Wild “,” No More Waiting “and the beautiful” Raven “we add to the live video added in a live performance.

By the end of 2016, especially rocky rock “Poinsettia Red” composed for the final year celebrations, we also get an excellent bonus track gift at the end of this new album by Michael Tracy. The melodious performance and the handsome arrangements that Sahaj Ticotin has added to the songs make for a nice finish and makes this album very enjoyable.


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