Belgium Review: Acting Natural “Acting Natural”

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ACTING NATURAL – Acting Natural (EP)


Three 22-year-old men meet one day in Tampa, Florida. James David Maney (bass) is around the corner, Jesse Leonard (drums) was born in New York and Eric Carnevale (guitar and vocals) was born in Hartford, Connecticut. The circumstances of their meeting were not exposed to us but one thing is certain  : the day these guys decided to make music together under the banner of their group Acting Natural , the music made a good deal.

I speak here of music in general and not of a kind of rock in particular because this trio of Acting Natural is simply federating between the styles and the generations of music lovers, with its rock one could not more natural and sincere. If they called themselves Acting Natural, it was because these three fellows knew what they were doing and what they were.

Including in their look, which we see on the cover of their first EP  :dark suits, black ties, neat haircuts although a bit long. Well, that does not remind us of the Beatles? Exactly, it will be question here of the four of Liverpool, which exerted a huge influence on the young people of Acting Natural. It’s not for nothing that bassist JD Maney holds a Hofner in his hands on the inside sleeve of the record, while Eric Carnevale has a Rickenbacker guitar in the paws, just like George Harrison’s.

The first song of the EP slips into the boots of the Fab Four and reaches a level of quality close to perfection, in the vein of the composer genius of the Beatles. From the first measurements of “The one”, we already have the chorus in mind, we are carried away by this rock slightly garagiste finesse and clarity, literally impeccable. This title has all the finery of a huge hit, although it was the song “Pairadice” that got the favor of the American public in the digital charts, with more dancing intonations to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, late era.

After a first song of this caliber, the people of Acting Natural are expected at the turn, ready to be worn at the top of the maximum score if their EP remains entirely on this line. However, it will deplore a small loss of initial flamboyance on the following songs, the group simply remaining very good and endearing on the beautiful ballad “Nicole”, from a luminescence all McCartneyenne on “Early morning” , captivating on “Bloom”and remarkably psychedelico-garage to the Charlatans (those of the Sixties, not the English of the Nineties) or to the Buffalo Springfield on the last piece “Missed the train “ , second best title of this half-dozen.

It is therefore a first bluffing business card that these ephebes slip us under the door. A little more maturation and a gradual detachment of the shadow of the Beatles in favor of the acquisition of a more personal style will undoubtedly Acting Natural a leading group in the new generation of rockers of the future.

François Becquart

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