Nightwalk/Via Nocturna (Portugal) Review: KARNEY “NO MERCY”

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No Mercy is a combination of new themes with some others already presented and that here gain new clothes from a new remix , or even a complete new recording. According to Anna Karney , the need to change some old themes came from the live experiences and from her own evolution as a creator and an interpreter. Thus, No Mercy , the fifth album of the North American, brings us a good and fresh dose of rock , where the acoustic guitars mark a strong presence. An approach where it is well-known that there is well-developed work in the creation of easy listening themesand, above all, they appeal a lot to the stage. [81%]


  1. No Mercy
  2. Wild Green
  3. Restless Wind
  4. Same Song
  5. I Got Mine
  6. Speed Of A Bullet
  7. Not Lost
  8. Hold On
  9. Beautiful Day
  10. I Got The Light
  11. Manifest Destiny
  12. Nine Lines (In The 21 st Century)


Anna Karney – vocals, guitars and keyboards

Jeff Herrera – drums and percussion

Michael Doyle – Guitars

James DePrato – guitars

Kimon Manolius – bass

Kevin White – bass

Bill Ortiz – trumpet

Paul Hanson – Bassoon

Michael Hajimichael – poem

Karl Perazzo – percussion


For more information please visit Karney’s website at


To Pre-order “NO MERCY” on iTunes and Other Digital Retailers please visit:


To Pre-order “NO MERCY” from Bandcamp please visit:



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