Reviews roundup – Lordi vs. Arkansas Dave vs. George St Clair vs. Mick Kolassa vs. Yuka & Chronoship

Great review for George St.Clair

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Reviews roundup – Lordi vs. Arkansas Dave vs. George St Clair vs. Mick Kolassa vs. Yuka & Chronoship


Yeah, that cover is just so wrong. On so many levels.

No I seem to be the only person who thought “Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy)” was an improvement on the previous couple of albums especially when they went proper old school metal on the B-side (ask yer Dad). Well they obviously liked it as well as they’ve upped the quotient of metal on this one and delivered one of their heaviest albums to date. Maybe it took a while to get the upheavals of the last few years out of their system but this is definitely a return to form. A slightly different form, mind, but it is good.

They’ve still got some monster choruses (hah!) but the riffs are harder, heavier and faster, all of which powers the…

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Things Are Looking Up by The Walk-A-Bout

Great Review for The Walk-A-Bout’s new release “Things Are Looking Up”

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Things Are Looking Up is the second album by an Aussie-American Acoustic Driven Quintet from Long Island, New York called The Walk-A-Bout to be released on June 15, 2018.  This great album has the sounds of Rock, Jazz with some great ballad thrown in as seen with such tracks as the title track Things Are Looking Up, That’s The Way It Goes, Consequences, Drifting Tide and more.  I was impressed with the vocals and instrumental back up as well as how it was written, performed and recorded.  This album will be available for purchase on their website,  Amazon, Itunes and will update you when more outlets are found.


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Australian-American New York Rock Band THE WALK-A-BOUT to Release Sophomore Album THINGS ARE LOOKING UP with Ridge Hill Records



For Immediate Release – Long Island, New York – Aussie-American acoustically driven rock ‘n’ roll quintet THE WALK-A-BOUT hail from the artistic East End of Long Island, New York. THE WALK-A-BOUT are releasing their sophomore album THINGS ARE LOOKING UP, produced by Andrew Michael Bertrand and mastered by Roger Lian, in stores and online worldwide on June 15, 2018. A limited edition 180-Gram Red Splatter Vinyl will also be available with the official album release. The band’s carefully crafted songwriting has allowed THE WALK-A-BOUT to explore the outer reaches of the orchestral atmosphere, and this dynamic new collection explores that avenue with a welcome pop appeal while maintaining their depth and introspection.

The album’s featured single “That’s Just the Way It Goes” will be airing on radio stations with a music video for the song launched to hundreds of broadcast video channels. Members of THE WALK-A-BOUT have worked with the likes of Bill Ortiz (Santana), Vince Welnick (The Tubes, The Grateful Dead), renowned jazz saxophonist David Murray, Earl “Chinna” Smith (Bob Marley and The Wailers), and Grammy winning film composer Alex Wurman. With something in their catalogue for every mood, whether it is a smooth island vibe, a high-stepping funk feel, or straight hard-driving rock, their music is visceral, emotional, fun, and easy.

After self-realized string master Kevin Anderson had composed a growing catalog of guitar vignettes over several years, fate brought him together with Australian singer/songwriter, blues harpist, and didgeridoo player Darren “Sully” Sullivan. Sully was the perfect songwriting partner to translate Kevin’s vision into the lyrical domain, and they began working together in the fall of 2015. At that time, as part of a crew on a ship, Sully penned his lyrics for the material while sailing around the world. He applied his very special brand of wordsmithing, creating imagery for Kevin’s original titles that spanned a wide range of subjects from heartbreak, to soul-searching, adventure, to introspection, to even the simple concept of enjoying being alive, permeating each musical piece with a special energy.

THE WALK-A-BOUT lineup moved closer to completion with a chance introduction to career drummer/producer Drew Bertrand in December 2015. Drew quickly acknowledged the unique nature of Kevin and Sully’s writing and began sculpting arrangements and cadence for every song, carefully recognizing the distinct identity of each piece. As the material coalesced, Drew called on his music business partner Michael Perrotta, multi-instrumentalist and co-owner of Ridge Hill Sound Studios, to come join the sessions and help craft arrangements. He was able to shape the harmonic relationships within each piece in a way that few musicians have such command of doing.

This proved to be the catalyzing factor that led to THE WALK-A-BOUT’s self-titled debut LP, which was recorded and launched independently on April 29th, 2017 on CD, Vinyl, and Digital formats. Recorded at Ridge Hill Sound Studios, the album boasts a multi-faceted exploration of moods, from the hard driving exclamation of the first single “Traveler,” to the introspective depth of “Look at the Moon,” to the funk energy of “Shakin’ It Up,” and beyond. The final track on the record, “Fortune Favors the Brave,” describes the overall message in all its epic grandeur. On August 24th, 2017, THE WALK-A-BOUT released a limited edition 12″ 45RPM single and B-side including the tracks “Drifting Tide” and “Oasis” called The Walk-A-Bout II, also recorded and mixed at Ridge Hill Sound Studios.

Following these first releases, local radio stations had very positive reactions, and it was apparent at any performances that people loved the band’s sound. After a benefit performance for one of the listener-sponsored stations that was airing their music, THE WALK-A-BOUT had yet another chance meeting with Dave Christian, a longtime musician friend of Drew’s. Dave quickly fell in love with their sound; he expressed interest in working together, and without question he was invited to play on the second release. The subsequent sessions proved that Dave’s influence on the sound was exactly what The Walk-A-Bout was looking for. His vocal and electric guitar contributions were ingredients that rounded out the sound on all the material the band had been recording and performing live. Fan reaction to Dave’s contribution has proven to increase the audience-band relationship during any performance to date.

THINGS ARE LOOKING UP is the second album from THE WALK-A-BOUT and will release in stores and online June 15, 2018. The album was primarily conceived in the studio during pre-production, with the songs on the record representing the momentum that the band was feeling during the time. The essence of urgency within the album was derived from the creative process in the studio and the perspective of lead singer Sully, who was back home in Australia at the time penning the lyrics. As the material was developed and tracked, Dave Christian, working with producer Drew Bertrand, offered his contributions to the recordings. This unique way of developing the record is reflected in the undeniable energy of the release.

THE WALK-A-BOUT will tour to support the album along the East and West Coasts throughout 2018, as well as Australia in February 2019.



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Big Blend Radio Interview Podcast – EMILY JOHNSON “OPEN YOUR HEART”

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Listen to the Big Blend Radio conversation with singer-songwriter Emily Johnson “The Lady of Heart” who discusses her debut EP ‘Open Your Heart’, along with her music career and life in Europe.



Emily Johnson is a Bulgarian-born Nigerian singer, songwriter, and composer. Having performed around the world for many years, she has released OPEN YOUR HEART, her debut EP, with the help of Tarpan Records in the United States. This EP was produced by Narada Michael Walden and features 4 original songs.


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I-Octane Trods on a Memorable “Love & Life” Journey, “Weh Di Fire Gone” Official Video Premiere!

I-Octane Trod’s on his “Love & Life” Journey !

Released on March 30th, 2018, International recording artist I-Octane third full length album “Love & Life” has given the crooner validation for his hard work not only from successful album sales, but rather for the feedback of love and support from fans, music lovers and the entertainment industry.

Debuting at #3 on the Reggae Billboard Chart, and presently still topping the top 10 chart, “Love & Life” album has offered breakthrough tracks of all genres. “Reggae pop is underrated in the industry. Those mellow drums and accompanying vibes beg for replay value, which is exactly what you get from Love and Life by I-Octane. Love and Life‘s many motions in one” – IndieBandGuru

Gearing up for a West Coast tour alongside twice GRAMMY nominated J-Boog, I-Octane has returned back home to Jamaica after successful Florida and New York Meet & Greets, paired with album released parties doubled as birthday celebration for the international billboard star. “The Love from fans is all I need for validation. EVERYONE CAN RELATE TO LOVE AND LIFE JOURNEY, that’s real. And for all the fans I have met on the way that say they relate to at least one song. Then I did my job!” – I-Octane
It wasn’t just the omnipresent Caribbean diaspora that clamored for the recording artist, but new market and new fans were introduced to his music and have taken heed to his charismatic personality, superb showmanship, catchy lyrics with hauntin melodies.

After “Love & Life” delivered the romantic “Let Me Love You” video and the conscious “One Chance” feat Ginjah, fans have eagerly awaited for more visuals off the hit filled album. Premiering at at on May 16th, 2018, I-Octane “Weh Di Fire Gone” was filmed on location in Kingston, Jamaica directed by Bling Blang Work.

Produced under his own production company Conquer The Globe Productions, and distributed by California based IDC, “Love & Life” album features 17 tracks with the addition of 2 bonus tracks, and is now available worldwide at


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