Belgium Review: KARNEY “NO MERCY”


The bay of San Francisco, California is the daily habitat of the American singer and songwriter Anna Karney who has been recording records for 20 years and is performing under the name ‘Karney’. Four full-CDs and two EP’s later we arrive at another new release in the form of the twelve-track album “No Mercy”.

This album produced by Anna Karney herself is actually a collection of new songs and re-recorded versions of previously released songs. That choice came mainly because those older songs through the years through live performances had a completely different structure and dynamics that they wanted to incorporate in these new refreshed versions.

‘Karney’ is rocking like an early teen punk on the album title track and opening track “No Mercy”, just like the second song “Wild Green”. The contrast between the heavy guitar rock of some tracks like “I Got Mine”, “Speed Of A Bullet” or “I Got The Light” and the much quieter rock ballads like “Restless Wind”, “Not Lost”, “Beautiful Day” ( see video) and “Nine Lines (In The 21st Century)” is striking, but makes listening to this album very pleasant and varying.

Anna Karney herself has been influenced for her musical work by artists such as Chrissie Hynde, Sheryl Crow and Joni Mitchell and male fellow singer-songwriters such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. In the studio recording of this album, Anna Karney could count on the instrumental support of some of the great names in the San Francisco music scene, such as guitarists Michael Doyle and James DePrato, bassists Kimon Manolius and Kevin White, drummer Jeff Herrera, trumpet player Bill Ortiz and saxophonist Paul Hanson.



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