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The well-known American musician and producer Narada Michael Walden from San Rafael, California, most people probably know the best of his world hit “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme”, the duet that in 1985 together with Patti Austin to the top of the charts Has sung. This 66-year-old artist has had his own recording studio ‘Tarpan Studios’ for some time now, where he offers new talent a chance to record a record.

This often involves stunning women, because that is why this old confectioner has a lot of knowledge and expertise. In addition, they are talented singer-songwriters who mainly operate in the soul and R & B music scene. On our ‘Rootstime’ pages we have already reviewed a lot of those albums produced by Narada Michael Walden in recent years.

Now we received “Open Your Heart”, a four-song debut EP from the Bulgarian mother and Nigerian father born singer-songwriter Emily Johnson. Producer and co-composer of the four songs is Narada Michael Walden and on three of the four tracks he also provides all musical accompaniment as a multi-instrumentalist, while Emily Johnson naturally takes care of the vocals.

The title track “Open Your Heart” is also the single that was pulled out of this EP and also the song you can listen to on the accompanying video. It is an uptempo song with a positive message, for which Emily Johnson was inspired by, among others, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and the musicians Michael Jackson and John Lennon.

The three other songs that this ‘The Lady Of Heart’ named singer puts on her record are the epic opening track “The Light”, the rocking “I’m Blessed” and the poppy song “Baby Forever” floating on a nice beat. The experienced music lover will not be able to compare the comparison with Whitney Houston when listening to this minialbum in terms of vocal performance.

Her musical mentor is John McLaughlin, the 76-year-old English jazz guitarist and band leader of the ‘Mahavishnu Orchestra’, who also brought her to the attention of Narada Michael Walden, formerly also a drummer with his orchestra. This EP “Open Your Heart” is a first introduction to this future soul and R & B star, because we will be able to hear a lot more from Emily Johnson in the coming years, is beyond dispute.





For more information about OPEN YOUR HEART or live EMILY JOHNSON performances please visit her website:


To order OPEN YOUR HEART on Digital Platforms worldwide please visit:


To see the video for the title song “OPEN YOUR HEART” please visit:



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