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For my 872nd review, I present the upcoming album They Are We by Oakland, California based rock band Stimuli consisting of Jimmy Tomahawk on guitars and vocals, Tai Hake on bass and Cole Andrew on drums.  This eleven song debut album which features heavy guitar and bass riffs and powerful drumming on such tracks as the title song They Are We, +X-, Ripple, Pushing The Stone and much more.   I was impressed with how well this album was written, recorded, produced and performed.  I feel this album is going to do well on the rock charts.  The release date will be August 18th where CDs and digital downloads are sold.  Will release more information as it becomes available.


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George St. Clair: “Ballads Of Captivity And Freedom” (2018) CD Review

Though currently based in the UK, singer and songwriter George St. Clair grew up in Texas, and his recent album, Ballads Of Captivity And Freedom, is American through and through, with some tracks taking a look at the United States’ history, particularly its relations with Native Americans. The album was recorded and mixed in California, and that certainly contributes to its flavor. The music is a good mix of folk and country, with some excellent lyrics. Joining George St. Clair on this release are Ben Bernstein on bass, Mike Stevens on drums, Dan Lebowitz on pedal steel and electric guitar, David Cuetter on pedal steel, Amy Scher on fiddle, and Kirby Hammel on piano and organ. Maya Abramson and Mark Estall provide backing vocals.

The album opens with one of its best songs, “Tularosa.” This is a wonderful folk-country song with some fantastic lyrics. I was pulled in on the first line, “Listen to me quick now before I tell you some lies.” And check out these lines: “And I learned all the right ways to get it wrong/And taking my time took too long/When I see who gets ahead, I’m glad I fell behind/Now I may be getting nowhere, but I’m starting not to mind.” In a way, those are some depressing lines; yet, this music is making me feel better about the world. And we all certainly need that today. I love the work on fiddle. Plus, George St. Clair’s voice has a friendly vibe, which I appreciate. It seems like everything here is working to tell us, as he sings, “everything is just fine.” That’s followed by another of the disc’s highlights, “The Places Where They Prayed,” an excellent folk song with some nice work on pedal steel. But again, it is the song’s lyrics that really grab me, lines like “People used to love the land/In ways we’ll never understand” and “And how many forgotten ways of dreaming/Are buried under all that asphalt steaming.” This is a song most of us can connect to, or at least a song that most of will want to connect to. This is really a song of our country, a song that our land itself would be singing. It’s interesting, because it has a pleasant sound, when it could have easily taken on an angry tone. “Liberty, she turned away from those who could have used her help.” There is a spoken word section at the end.

“Autumn 1889” tells a captivating story about Native Americans, and the colliding of worlds and ways and beliefs. “They started chanting and swaying all through the night/They were calling for the spirits of every Indian that died/Through the tears that they offered up every night/And they’d been run out from the dens where they’d fought to hold back the tide/Of our numbers and our unyielding desire.” And toward the end there is some beautiful blending of voices. “And now they’re dreaming of a morning/When they can open their eyes/And the plains and the mountains/Will show no trace of our kind.” “Good Times” has a delightful, good-time country groove, getting you tapping your toes and so on. Then its first line is “I don’t know how you can keep on having good times,” which almost for a moment seems directed us for having a good time with this very song. An interesting effect, and it pulled me in. This is a really good song, featuring some nice work on piano. And, like every other song on this album, it includes some good lines. “You keep on having good times though you don’t seem to see/That you’re only feeling better since you’re better off than me/You think that those good times came to you for free/Or they didn’t get that good until you got the best of me.

“Lie To Them” has a light, pleasant country sound and more nice work on backing vocals. “Deny what you have to do to save your skin/Now go and sharpen up your knives/That’s the only way that they’ll grow in/Let them do the bleeding.” And here is an interesting line, which is repeated: “They’re lying to you/Lie to them.” In this, the sixty-third year of Donald Trump’s presidency, it is sometimes difficult to remember what honesty is like. We have grown used to being lied to because we are lied to by our so-called leaders all day, every day. Republicans are dirty, mendacious cretins who care nothing about their hypocrisy or about this country or about anything other than money. Sad, but true. Also sad but true is that Democrats are going to need to start fighting dirty too. “They’re lying to you/Lie to them.” “New Mexico” is another really good track. I love the line that the border “Divides Spanish and English billboard signs.” It shows that difference in language is fairly unimportant, using the depressing imagery of billboards and the fact that we have them in common. The CD concludes with “Talkin’ Mesquite,” a traditional-sounding folk song delivered as basically spoken word, in the loose, talking blues folk style. “They don’t need your love and they don’t need your care/Just a couple drops of rain a couple times a year/They don’t mind oil fumes or car exhaust/Or the bottles or beer cans that drunk drives toss.

CD Track List

  1. Tularosa
  2. The Places Where They Prayed
  3. Autumn 1889
  4. Corridors
  5. Good Times
  6. Cynthia
  7. Up To Fail
  8. Lie To Them
  9. Cimarrones
  10. New Mexico
  11. Pedro Paramo
  12. Talkin’ Mesquite

Ballads Of Captivity And Freedom was released on March 2, 2018.



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Things Are Looking Up

/ published on 30-06-2018 /

New opus for this American-Australian training based in New York, who practices an American rock tinged with folk or blues without forgetting the funk, that is perceived from the first composition offering a rather well-timed side. A first song that reminds me of some songs of Toto with here, the folk-rock facet that dominates while keeping a well balanced rhythm to offer the listeners a nice song to follow. Playing also on the duality of guitars (acoustic and electric) without forgetting the harmonica and a little bluesy side, here is a first piece well in the spirit of rock Made in US .

Called actually The Walk-A-Bout, the band then proposes a folk-rock ballad always feeling good America and its rock very characteristic, traveling between folk and rock where, the guitars keep the guidelines for a well square work but also well mixed. Kevin Anderson’s acoustic guitar often stays at the forefront of Darren Sullivan’svocals with a backdrop of Dave Christian’s electric chords and the rhythm section by Drew Bertrand and Michael Perrotta , plus a beautiful solo. of guitar.

Return of the harmonica for a more rhythmic rhythm and more rock’n’roll, which puts forward again a song and a well calibrated orchestration which marries as well the two facets of the guitar (acoustic and electric). In fact the group combines folk-rock and American rock with more modern rhythms, finally offering a more rhythmic and more public vision to perhaps rejuvenate this ancestral genre of American culture.

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Thirionet Philippe

Country: US / AU
Shred The Evidence Music RHS-003 


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Belgium review translated:
Of the six tracks on the EP “Things Are Looking Up” by the Australian-American acoustic rock band “The Walk-A-Bout” from Long Island, New York, there are two songs that we have heard before, especially ” Oasis “and” Drifting Tide “which was added as bonus tracks to this mini album.
This five-member band was formed around the Australian lead singer Darren ‘Sully’ Sullivan and is completed with Kevin Anderson on acoustic guitar, Dave Christian on electric guitar, Michael Perrotta on bass and Drew Bertrand on drums. The latter also took on the role of producer of this six-track EP.
Kevin Anderson and Darren Sullivan are the songwriters of service for all tracks on this album, which starts with the title track “Things Are Looking Up”, followed by the melodic single “That’s Just The Way It Goes”, a gently ripping rock ballad that we you have given to the accompanying video for an introduction.
“By My Side” we find a rather mediocre song, but the subsequent “Consequences” carries our full approval. As mentioned above, song number five “Oasis” and six “Drifting Tide” are previously recorded tracks from their debut album “The Walk-A Bout” released last year. We suspect therefore that this ep-tje forms a snack to a second full-fledged record, which is expected to come on the market early next year.


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“Talkin’ Pets with Jon Patch” Interview: Debbie Guardian, President and Founder of OPIE & DIXIE Pet Products

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Debbie Guardian is President and Founder of OPIE & DIXIE, a pet product company specializing in natural, USDA Certified Organic grooming aids, healing balms, and non-dietary care solutions designed for pets and tested by humans.

Listen to her interview on “Talkin’ Pets with Jon Patch” from June 30, 2018. Interview starts at 16:00:




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