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Things Are Looking Up

/ published on 30-06-2018 /

New opus for this American-Australian training based in New York, who practices an American rock tinged with folk or blues without forgetting the funk, that is perceived from the first composition offering a rather well-timed side. A first song that reminds me of some songs of Toto with here, the folk-rock facet that dominates while keeping a well balanced rhythm to offer the listeners a nice song to follow. Playing also on the duality of guitars (acoustic and electric) without forgetting the harmonica and a little bluesy side, here is a first piece well in the spirit of rock Made in US .

Called actually The Walk-A-Bout, the band then proposes a folk-rock ballad always feeling good America and its rock very characteristic, traveling between folk and rock where, the guitars keep the guidelines for a well square work but also well mixed. Kevin Anderson’s acoustic guitar often stays at the forefront of Darren Sullivan’svocals with a backdrop of Dave Christian’s electric chords and the rhythm section by Drew Bertrand and Michael Perrotta , plus a beautiful solo. of guitar.

Return of the harmonica for a more rhythmic rhythm and more rock’n’roll, which puts forward again a song and a well calibrated orchestration which marries as well the two facets of the guitar (acoustic and electric). In fact the group combines folk-rock and American rock with more modern rhythms, finally offering a more rhythmic and more public vision to perhaps rejuvenate this ancestral genre of American culture.

– Walk-A-Bout The bandcamp

– Walk-A-Bout Facebook

Thirionet Philippe

Country: US / AU
Shred The Evidence Music RHS-003 


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